Tuesday, July 31, 2018

{4 steps to a summer outfit}

There's nothing better than a fool proof summer time outfit! Something you can toss in a bag and take a last minute trip to the beach with.

First things first, a really cute pair of shorts that you feel confident in will last you for summers to come. I found this scalloped pair earlier this summer and have worn them countless times (I flew home from Key West in them)! They're marked down to $25 right now too!

After you have your "wear everywhere shorts" you can pretty much pair them with any top in your closet. My favorites are bright colored, loose, and flowy. It's been really humid this summer so a top that doesn't stick to your back is key.

Then you have to add some fun earrings - duh! It instantly dresses up an outfit and (in my opinion) can take it from day to night quickly. It's also a great way to color contrast and add movement to a look.

The icing on any outfit is the shoes. I love these sandals because they're super comfortable and the detailing is perfectly simple yet classy. I've worn these for over a year now and they've stayed in perfect condition.

Those are my 4 steps to a summer outfit: crisp shorts, a bright and flowy top, fun earrings, and fancy sandals. What makes up your favorite outfits?

Love Always,

Thursday, July 26, 2018

{olive green amazon prime dress}

You aren't going to believe the price of this adorable dress!

Photography by Katie Urban

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I've fallen in love with shopping on Amazon Prime! Finding outfits for work and for play has become a new hobby ;) The prices are amazing and I've actually been able to find some really quality pieces - I'll do a review of everything I've loved and purchased soon. This dress quickly became a go-to because of the color (my favorite) and the fact that the material looks like linen but doesn't wrinkle like linen does! These photos were taken at the end of my work day - I had been sitting at my computer for hours.

I styled it for work with heels and some fun earrings then grabbed my purse and sunglasses to meet the girls for wine and burgers! Throw your hair up and put on sandals and it's the perfect little weekend number. Aren't dresses that you can wear multiple ways the best?!

Have you jumped on the Amazon fashion train yet?!

PS - you can shop all of my Amazon fashion finds at www.amazon.com/shop/jennrog !

Love Always,

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

{how to manage stress}

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you can't form a sentence, want to just cry and scream at the same time, and little tasks become too much to handle? I'm sure you're all nodding with me right now... Yep. Stress is a person's response to an increased amount of stimuli and a feeling of being unbalanced. It can be a real pain in the booty!

Over the past couple of weeks I've had an increased amount of stress in my life. Between work, the blog, managing travel, and family things I found myself overwhelmed on a constant basis. I began to lose sight of myself a bit and had to step back to reevaluate. I've experienced a lot of intense stress in my life (mainly while dealing with my dad being sick) so I try to keep myself in check on a daily basis but since I've had some big life changes lately things have felt a little out of whack.

I have to remind myself to try and figure out what exactly is causing all this stress. Is it a deadline at work? Then I need to create a game plan and break it down. Am I feeling pressure to create better blog content? Then I need to cut out those sources that are causing me to compare myself. A lot of times that's the very beginning of a solution and then I have to help myself move forward:

SLEEP // I feel like this is the cure for almost anything. A lot of my stress becomes aggravated by a lack of sleep - I make myself go to bed earlier so that I can actually fall asleep at a decent time and try to quiet my brain. When I get more hours in a night my brain feels less foggy.

MOVE YOUR BODY // This probably sounds obvious! But when I'm stressed the last thing I want to do is spend time working out "when I could be doing something"... wrong! Going to a workout class or spending an hour walking home is the best therapy you can ask for! It pumps your body full of endorphins and creates a total distraction for your brain. The more consistent I am with working out and getting a good sweat in the less likely I am to be taken over by stress.

POSITIVE THINKING // I can be very very hard on myself... to the point where I lose my normal optimistic self. I've started writing 3 things that make me smile in a small notebook every morning. That way I am reminded of the little joys in life! I also set "words of intention" every Monday morning and carry them through the week. I'll write them on my bathroom mirror so I can see it every morning while getting dressed for work. It can be something as simple as "honesty" - a reminder to be true to myself. It sets the tone for a great week and I like looking back through my notebook on the littlest things that made me smile (some days it's really good macaroni haha).

SAY NO // Simple. Over planning your schedule doesn't leave time for you and the little things that need to get accomplished like laundry, grocery shopping, or writing a thank you note!

TAKE YOURSELF ON A DATE // On that note... say no so that you can take time for yourself. Self love is SO important. A bubble bath with a glass of rose and a face mask is my favorite! Just give yourself some time to do one thing that really makes you happy and isn't a chore!

PLAN IT ALL OUT // If your stress is caused by feeling disorganized then grab a notebook and write it all down. I leave one next to my bed so that I can do a brain dump at night (sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night with an idea even). Jot down your packing list, to-do list, grocery list, record song lyrics, write a recipe, etc! Getting something down on paper allows you to categorize things and not forget them when you think "what was the thing I thought about buying this morning?"

GET SUPPORT // This is the most important one... find someone that you can talk to or vent to. A lot of times I just need someone to listen to me. Once I get my emotions off my chest I feel a lot better and saying it out loud helps me understand why I'm feeling the way I am.

Love Always,

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

{going from desk to drinks}

I went into Target the other weekend to buy toilet paper (just being honest haha) and of course I had to browse the clothing section... I mean who goes to Target and doesn't stop through that section?! I stumbled upon this jumpsuit and thought "hmm this could be cute on." Well, the second I tried it on I was in loooove. It's conservative enough for work but has enough fun and flavor to it that I'd wear it out to a bar! I actually wore it to work a couple weeks ago, caught a train, and then went out for drinks with my family in Baltimore!

Living in DC I need my wardrobe to function for me in lots of different ways:
Work & Play // I have plenty of items that I can't wear to the office because a girl needs her mini skirts and off the shoulder shirts so it's really nice to have items that can work double duty! A big part of my life is events after work - that's when I get to see all of my friends and explore DC. I constantly have networking or blogger events in different places all over the city 3-4 times a week.
Travel // A travel friendly outfit comes in handy when you're walking to the metro or standing on a packed bus in traffic! You need to be able to move and not worry about flashing someone.
Date Night // A skirt and top is a classic look for work but it's not always what you want as a date option (my go to was always jeans and a blouse). A jumpsuit has a lot of sass and personality to it for the summertime! Dating is hard enough so why not have some fun with your look ;)

How do you make an outfit check all the boxes?

Love Always,
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