Tuesday, April 30, 2019

{striped amazon pants}

Y'all went crazy over these pants & top when I shared these two pieces on IG before my trip to Key West - so I decided to style them slightly differently and together! I tied the top in the front and the pants in the back to mix it up.

I have been living in crop tops this spring and know it will continue into Summer! They just make it feel like you're on vacation! I loved that this top could be tied in the front for a super beachy look (like I had shared on my amazon try on haul). I wanted to see the multiple ways you could wear this top so I began tying, wrapping, knotting, twisting, etc. to see what looks I preferred! I liked this knotted in the front to give it some pizzazz so I chose to knot the pants in the back so it wasn't double ties in the front. I think it gives the pants a lot cleaner look! It truly lets the slits in the front take center stage; I love how they open up when you walk and give you great circulation. Key West is hot and humid so wearing clothing that breathes was a game changer. These pants have little shorts underneath (you can kind of see them since they're white) so you don't have to worry about flashing anyone.

Y'all asked me to find more pants so that's what I've been trying to incorporate into my wardrobe a bit more :) I love loose flowy pants so I'm still on the hunt for more amazing finds! Don't forget to check out my Amazon page with more options! I'm always adding because I'm an addict... I have two more posts with Amazon pants coming your way.

My purse and sunglasses are also from Amazon! They are two of my most used items! Kyle got me my sunglasses for Christmas (after I obsessed over them on my bestie Emily for a solid year) and I've been carrying this straw bag since last summer - it's the first bag I reach for on the weekends!

Love Always,

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

{the skorts big comeback}

Do you remember the days when skorts were all the rage and every popular girl in the 90s had one?

I'm here to say that they're officially back. They've been trying for awhile and now that everything old is new again the skort's coming back in a big way. Especially for a beach vacation!! Gosh, being able to ride my bike to dinner and then sit on the front porch and not have to worry about a short skirt or dress was amazing. I felt dressed up and really cute for dinner but comfortable enough to hang out after - I rarely stay in the same clothes once we get home. Bonus points because skorts normally have pockets haha heyyy!! Forever 21 runs small in my opinion so I'm wearing a Medium - you can see where it sits on my hips so I was happy with the length of the shorts and having (almost all of) my belly button covered.

I've been pairing everything with a crop top recently (I'll round up my favorites at some point) and this little amazon find has gotten a lot of use! I sized up to a Medium because the reviews said it was tight across the shoulders. I have broad shoulders so I was glad that I listened to the reviews. I could've maybe gotten away with a large to make the shirt longer but it may have gaped at the armpits since I'm smaller chested. I loved the ruffle across the shoulders and the ribbing of the fabric - two elements that make this top unique even though it's just plain white! But plain white goes with everything... so I'm never gonna quit with my love for all things white :)

Love Always,

Thursday, April 18, 2019

{blue ruffled amazon romper}

Still sharing photos from Key West because the weather there was #goals and I was so excited about all of the outfits I shot (by myself... haha fun fact)!

I haven't had the best luck with rompers on Amazon. For some reason, that type of clothing has either been too low in the top or too short in the torso... like it gives me a wedgie?! I'm not sure what proportions are happening with my past orders but this one came in and it is a WINNER! It needs a quick steam (per usual) and then those ruffles are ready to partayyy! The cross back makes it easy to adjust for any chest size and I loved that it was a thick material so I didn't worry about it being see through. I feel like the ruffle on the shorts gives it a bit more coverage too so it's very age appropriate - if you like an open back still!

I loved wearing this to brunch with my girlfriends, riding bikes around the island, and then enjoying a glass of wine on the front porch! It was comfortable to wear all day and I love how flattering (and forgiving post-brunch) the ruffles are criss-crossing in the front!

Love Always,

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

{easter dresses on amazon prime}

I can't believe Easter is already this weekend... where has the time gone?! Luckily I already purchased my dress (who doesn't love an excuse for a new dress) but if you're last minute I've found some great options! Best part? They're all on Amazon Prime - hello fast shipping! I've tried to include all colors but don't forget that the majority of these dresses come in multiple colors/patterns. Ah, the beauty of Amazon, giving you a million choices and forcing you into buying more than you need. But at least the prices are pretty amazing ;)

To shop a dress all you have to do is click on the photo - you'll be taken directly to the link!

PS. Be sure to check out my Amazon Shop page! I'm sharing lots more Easter dress finds :) I also have categories for bathing suits, rompers, pajamas, purses, summer dresses, etc!

Love Always,
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