Tuesday, November 14, 2017

{travel guide | richmond, virginia}

Two months ago I had the opportunity to finally experience Richmond over a weekend without being there for a wedding! I went with Kristyn and Laura, my two travel buds, to get a taste of the amazing history in RVA and all that it had to offer. We were also hoping for a little bit of cool weather but that wasn't the case haha. Every time I've visited Richmond it's been for a friends wedding - I've always stayed at the same hotel, and eaten at the same restaurants, and done the exact same thing. So when the three of us were invited to stay at the newly renovated Jefferson Hotel, I knew this was going to be a different type of visit to this awesome city. It's easy to say that I'm looking forward to going back and checking off more of the restaurants that were recommended to me and explore even more of the bars and views!


If you're close by on the East coast it's a really easy drive - only 2 hours from DC! There is also an international airport 15 minutes away from downtown Richmond.


I have stayed at a fair amount of hotels because of all the weddings I've been to... maybe almost 7 in RVA? Staying at The Jefferson Hotel was the most incredible place I've ever stayed in. The rooms were just recently updated, the staff was incredible, the rooms were massive, the beds were fluffy and perfectly white, the carpet was padded, and the bathroom mirrors had tv's in them (haha)! Oh, and I'm a bathrobe junkie and I really lived in the bathrobes when we were in the room... I didn't get dressed until the last second. They just recently redecorated and the colors and decor felt so regal yet warm and welcoming - it was so fantastic. One of the best things was the concierge provided us with complimentary shuttles wherever we wanted to go - they picked us up too. That's incredible in the land of Uber and Lyft! We loved being able to walk to a bunch of restaurants (and the river area was a quick jog away) but being able to take a bus to Carytown was great for helping us expand our exploring! I'm dying to go back around Christmas because the holiday decor is absolutely amazing!! The holiday spirit is in full force right now - just check it out on their website!


The Beer Trail - a group of breweries that are a must visit! The majority are in a neighborhood called Scott's Addition. We went to The Veil Brewing Co and Ardent. Next time we want to check out Hardywood too!
Stella's - Easily the best dinner I've had in a long time. Not only was the ambience perfect - I love a good candlelit restaurant that is still lively with people chatting - but the food selection was insane (I loved the dish "pasta no. 5" the best). I wish I could've taken photos of everything but it was too dark!
The Jefferson Hotel - theeeee most amazing champagne buffet brunch! Pretty sure I had 4 plates of food? There were waffles, oysters, honey ham, shrimp and grits, you name it! And THEN there was a whole table filled with every dessert your heart could dream up... I got every single dessert and tried them all hahah I couldn't help it!
Can Can Brasserie - we stopped here for french fries and a glass of wine after walking in Carytown!
Havana 59 - Cuban flair restaurant that has great dancing
Boathouse Rockett's Landing - great views of the James River. This is always a great group spot when the weather is nice and you can take photos out on the balcony
The Quirk hotel - rooftop drinks with an awesome view!
Maple & Pine - gorgeous pink accents and the perfect place to grab brunch with your girls

These were all suggestions from friends of mine!
Edo's Squid
Baker's Crust
Coppola's Deli
Kuba Kuba
The Daily
Mama J's (Southern food)
Wong Gonzalez
Belle Isle
Continental Westhampton (brunch)
Burger Bach
Laura Lee's


Hollywood Cemetery - Segway Tour
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Art Galleries on First Fridays
Edgar Allen Poe Museum
Maymont Park
Cary town - shopping, eating, music, etc!
Virginia Capital Trail
Tour the Tredegar
Take a run along the James River


Richmond is a pretty casual town. If you're out walking you'll want comfortable shoes (obviously) but dress them up with a fun sweater or accessories. Style is strong everywhere you go so it's a great opportunity to show your own personal flair! Even though everyone was dressed pretty casually people dressed up for dinner and brunch! It was fun to wear a pair of heels to brunch at The Jefferson - most people were wearing their Sunday best :) I loved wearing a bright skirt out at night and pairing it with my jean jacket too.

Any suggestions where the three of us should travel to next?!

*Thank you to The Jefferson Hotel and Visit Richmond for a wonderful stay and visit! All thoughts, photos, and opinions are my own.*

Love Always,

Thursday, November 2, 2017

{day trip to bluemont vineyard with DCAcar}

It's no secret that spending a day at a winery is my #1 hobby. It's the perfect way to spend time with friends and get out of the city! Sitting in the sun on a chilly day, laughing with friends, eating delicious food, trying new wines, and just making great memories. I could go on and on about my love for the Virginia Wine Country (I should probably write a post listing out my favorite wineries?!) because I've spent so much time adventuring out to explore the area.

I somehow manage to convince Kyle to go out to our favorite winery at least once a month ;) It's not hard to convince him... it's just the fact that he always has to drive. Not an ideal situation when you really want to relax and drink some glasses of wine without worrying about the trek back home! We always talk about wanting to try a new winery and spending the day with friends but the conversation of "who's going to drive" becomes the deciding factor on our weekend plans (I can drive... but Kyle drives a Jeep stick shift).

Then we were introduced to DCAcar Service!! Not only were we able to head out to a winery on a beautiful Sunday with Kristyn and Corey but we didn't have to worry about who was going to drive! We were picked up in a massive black SUV (complete with mints and waters) in the morning and our gracious driver, Zack, drove us out to Bluemont Vineyard where we spent our Sunday Funday!  The four of us did wine tastings, purchased a couple of bottles, and ordered lots of food and pizzas... probably one each by the end of the day haha! Bluemont has a fire brick oven pizza grill and it's such a game changer! Around 4:30 we got back in the car (with lots of wine in tow and full bellies) and Zack got us back to DC safe and sound! Pretty sure Kyle was the happiest because he didn't have to drive!

It was so nice knowing that our driver already had our agenda and we didn't have to wait around for him to pick us up or try to give him directions. Zack was even telling us that DCAcar can take you to Reagan National Airport, BWI Airport, and even Dulles Airport!  With the holidays coming up quickly I will be using their services to get myself and my family to and from the airports. Since my dad is no longer driving and I don't have a car I know this is the safest way to get everyone where they need to be!

Kyle and I had so much fun with the group that we've already started planning another outing with DCAcar service and more friends! I can't even believe we were able to spend an entire day out in VA wine country and we didn't have to drive!! Can I please spend every Sunday like this?!

*Thank you to DCAcar Service for providing us transportation. All thoughts, words, photos, and opinions are my own.*

Love Always,

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

{pleated orange skirt with knee high boots}

Photography by Laura

I'm always looking for an outfit that I can wear to work and then wear out to drinks later. When I saw this skirt I was instantly hooked (mainly because it's orange and I rarely find orange that I love)! Paired with a thin white sweater that I can tuck in and my knee high boots, you've got a look that's professional for the office and stylish enough for happy hour. I love these boots to pieces! The chunky heel gives you height but not too much where your feet kill you after an hour of wearing it. I love that it hits me right below the knee - nice and tall to elongate your legs.

The necklace and bracelet I'm wearing are both by the Starfish Project. This company helps exploited women experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers. The work they're doing is so incredible! You can read more about it here - and shop more of their jewelry here!

Love Always,
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