Thursday, June 18, 2020

{summer maxi | blue floral with tassel ties}

It seems that every season I make one purchase that just wins over anything else I've purchased... you know that dress you reach for every single time? Because it's adorable, comfortable, you feel great in it, and it never lets you down? That's this dress for me!

Blue Maxi Dress (Small) // Matisse Straw Flats // Straw Purse // Gold Chain Anklet // Gold Chain Bracelet // Christian Dior Bracelet // David Yurman Bangle // Gold Bead Bracelets // Rose Gold Ring // Silver Ring // Gold Band Ring // Prive Revaux Sunglasses

The second I saw this online I knew I had to have it. I love the cotton material, the bow ties with tassels, the simple ruffle, the color, the pattern... etc. etc! Even though it's full on summer heat down here in the Keys I love wearing a maxi to protect my legs from constant sun and an extra barrier from mosquitoes! I truly believe it helps keep me a bit cooler too - like a big umbrella for my body haha. This one is such a winner I don't think I can explain it with words ;) Can't believe the small is still in stock! Normally Red Dress Boutique sells out of the cutest dresses pretty quickly - guess this one has gone under the radar. When I saw it was still available I quickly snapped these photos so I could share with y'all.

I've linked all of my jewelry but a couple of things to note: my cloth bracelet is from Etsy (it's a knockoff) and my necklaces were personal gifts. My link bracelet and anklet are both from a black woman owned shop called 1929 Galore and I'm addicted. I've barely taken them off!! One of my goals for this year is to actively seek out black owned businesses, incorporate them into my wardrobe, and continue to support them. I wore this anklet to the sandbar all day last weekend and it didn't show a single sign of wear. I'm also a huge fan of that chain style right now! Be sure to check them out - I love how they have different sizes you can order for bracelets (tiny wrists rejoice!!)

Love Always,

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

{isolation hydration | moscow mule}

My favorite drink... a Moscow mule! I always add mint to freshen it up - it reminds me of summers spent with my mom and sister sitting in the backyard. A "mule" is always made with ginger beer and lime plus a liquor. The liquor determines the name of the mule: vodka = Moscow mule, bourbon = Kentucky mule, tequila = Mexican mule, etc. A lime always helps bring out the spiciness of the ginger beer! I also believe that any mule cocktail tastes infinitely better out of a copper mug. Copper takes on the icy temperature of the drink and gives it an extra-cool sensation when you drink out of it - pure heaven.

What is your favorite mule to drink? Do you muddle any fruit or add a special touch?

Love Always,

{isolation hydration | spicy pineapple mint margaritas}

I always love putting a spin on a classic margarita recipe. Combining different ingredients for a new flavor is so fascinating to me. Of course, I had to make this cocktail spicy because the mint and pineapple combo is so sweet! I love how the flavors all balance each other out :) You can find the IGTV for this recipe here on my IG, @jennrog. This was created for Cinco de Mayo originally!

 Which Isolation Hydration recipe is your favorite? You can find them all here!

Love Always,

Thursday, May 7, 2020

{isolation hydration | grapefruit rose spritzer}

I wanted to create a summery cocktail with my favorite roses from Gooseneck Vineyards! After many failed recipes this one is the perfect combination of delicious ingredients. The grapefruit addition helps compliment the dry grenache used in this wine! You can find the IGTV for this recipe here on my Instagram, @jennrog

Psst - a spritzer is simply wine mixed with something bubbly! Give it a shot

Love Always,

{isolation hydration | spicy citrus margarita}

Isolation Hydration! This was the first cocktail I made in this series on IGTV and it was a hit - watch the video here on my Instagram @jennrog. The fresh fruit juice and kick from the jalapeno is a perfect combination on a classic margarita cocktail. Fresh ingredients make this the best but you can easily use store bought juice so you can whip this up quickly!

What's your favorite cocktail to make at home? Have you tried a new recipe during quarantine?

Love Always,

{isolation hydration | skinny cucumber lemonade}

Isolation Hydration!! The random IGTV series I made up where I share cocktails I've created and we make them together :) This one was a challenge from my gym in Key West, FYT aka Find Your Tribe. Jess and Michelle wanted me to make a skinny cocktail that was big on flavor and low in calories - challenge accomplished. You can find the video on my Instagram, @jennrog, here.

What other cocktail recipes do y'all want to see? Is there a favorite liquor in your house? Always open to suggestions - it's been fun creating these recipes during this weird time in our lives!

Love Always,

Monday, May 4, 2020

{turning 30 in quarantine}

I turned 30 during a global pandemic... wow, that feels weird to say!

This birthday wasn't what I expected it to be. I was supposed to be celebrating in Greensboro with one of my best friends while attending her baby shower. I was supposed to be on a sunset sail with all of my Key West people. And the following weekend I was supposed to have all of my best friends from college come and visit me during Songwriter's Festival.

But you know what? It's just one birthday. What my friends ended up giving to me and doing for me is a memory that I will hold on to for my entire life. They got all of my family and friends (from DC to Key West) to record a video wishing me happy birthday and send in photos to be compiled into one massive video!! Yes, I cried - it was a 23 minute video!!! They also dressed up as different versions of "Jenn" lol. It's funny how you think you know yourself well and then your college besties really hit it out of the park!

30 is just an age; one that I don't feel at all haha. I feel like I'm 25 (ironic because when I turned 29 last year I said I felt like I was 26 - guess I took an extra year off lol), my health is the best it's been, I'm with an incredible man, and I'm living on the most gorgeous island! Life has a funny way of spinning you around and throwing the most unexpected things at you. There will always be more work to do personally, emotionally, and mentally but I truly feel like I'm in a place where I'm meant to be - so content and genuinely happy.

Last year I shared 29 things that I've learned. I wanted to take a moment to make a list like that again... It was great to look back on and reference when things got tough or I lost my way!
So here are 30 things that I've learned:

1. Your "timeline" should NEVER be compared to someone else's. It is normal and okay to not be married and have kids at the age society tells you to.
2. Never apologize for your style or change it to fit in. If it makes you happy, rock it.
3. Find an exercise that makes you tick - even if it's just long walks
4. Branch out and make new friends. These new personalities and experiences can open new doors for you, even when you're 30!
5. Take more photos. Print them. Frame them.
6. If a friend doesn't invest their time in you, it's not always worth it to keep investing in them.
7. Make cleaning your house become a habit. Work it into your morning routine while making coffee or as part of your night time routine. When someone stops by to say hi, you'll never be embarrassed.
8. Learn to make your favorite coffee or tea at home. Saving money by not spending it at Starbucks every day will go far!
9. Invest in a skincare routine. By invest I mean invest time in your skin - it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! But tone, cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.
10. Dance. All the time. Especially when you're happy and definitely when you're sad.
11. Don't sleep with your makeup on. When my day is over and I have nothing planned I take it off early in the night. Bonus points bc then it's a shorter amount of time to get ready for bed!
12. You're never too old to try something new, start a new career, start over, start a new hobby, etc!!
13. Drink more water... personal goal of mine!
14. Tell your friends you love them - never stop :)
15. Take time to visit your parents and grandparents! There are so many memories to be made.
16. Learn to be patient. It will take you far in life
17. It's okay to say no - you know yourself best and need to put yourself first in some situations. Don't be afraid of upsetting someone in the process. They will eventually understand.
18. If you think someone has been quiet or distant recently, reach out and ask them how things are going. Even if nothing is wrong it will make them feel loved that you thought of them.
19. Use lotion on the tops of your hands every night - it will keep them looking younger
20. You can never have too many face masks on hand. Keep them in your fridge so you can have a little spa moment spontaneously.
21. Say thank you - it can make someone's day better.
22. SAVE YOUR MONEY. I think we've all really learned recently that things can happen and it's scary. Have enough in a savings account that you can pay for 2 months rent plus bills minimum.
23. Learn how to do your taxes and then take the time to understand them - and pay that knowledge forward. This is something that needs to be talked about more IMO.
24. Date yourself. Know what you need, cater to it, listen to your body and heart. Love yourself!
25. Take those vitamins and that probiotic. You may not see it doing anything right now... but it's setting your future self up for success.
26. Ask questions, seek out answers, educate yourself, never stop learning.
27. Have a go-to cocktail that you can impress people with. Even if it's a G&T but you add a lime wedge on the rim!
28. Don't let guilt eat you up... give yourself some grace on the hard days.
29. Not everyone is going to like you. That's okay! Just make sure you like yourself and you can tackle anything that's sent your way
30. Don't be afraid of the future - MAKE THE MOVE. It could be the change you never knew you needed in your life.

If I have one thing I want to do with this year... dream more, dream bigger, dream harder!

Love Always,
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