Tuesday, July 17, 2018

{moisturizers i've used and loved}

I have tried tons of moisturizers over the years. My skin is always something that I take very seriously - I'm always looking for the next best moisturizer! For a beauty product that you put on your face every day (in the morning, under my makeup, and again at night) you want it to be the best. In my mind that means moisture that lasts all day without feeling oily or drying out quickly.

I recently finished a loooot of products that I really liked - some more so than others! I thought it would be fun to give y'all a run down of everything I've tried, rate them, describe what I liked and what I didn't, and then give the verdict on if I would purchase it again or not.

I naturally have a pink undertone to my skin - so when I got this product I was hoping it would help with some of the warm undertones that contrast with some of my makeup (it's hard to find a concealer that doesn't go yellow). The product is very moisturizing and it absorbed quickly so it worked well in the morning and under my makeup. If you're a makeup guru then you know the green, pink, and yellow makeup some girls use to help discoloration. This product has a light green tint to it (similar to the green on the label) that helps the redness!

Would I purchase it again? No - just because it didn't help with redness on me so I don't see the need.

Give me a moisturizer that has "anti-aging benefits" in it and I'm bound to like it. This Secret Sauce is my all time favorite moisturizer!! I love the smell and the dewy look it gives my skin! It works well in making my skin feel moisturized but not greasy. Which mean it's perfect after I get out of the shower in the morning before I put on my primer and makeup. It's also smooth enough where if I have a patch of dry skin under my makeup this will glide right over without nudging anything. I noticed my skin looked a lot "perkier" after using this for a week!

Would I purchase it again? YES! I'm on my third container ;)

The cult favorite... I'm sure you're not surprised to see this on here! I was sent this in a PR package and fell absolutely head over heels in love. Y'all. It really is amazing I can't lie. It's so moisturizing that I can't use it in the morning. It almost feels like a moisture mask at night. It's a thick consistency and it comes with a little paddle to scoop the product out so you don't stick your fingers in it. It smells so fresh and clean too! The jar is really heavy so it just makes the product feel lush and well made!

Would I purchase it again? Ugh... because it's $$$ I wouldn't. That's why it didn't get a full 5 stars.

The container of this moisturizer was pretty fun - you push on the top and it squirts out the center instead of having to pump a dispenser. It's super lightweight and the product smooths on really well. However, I just don't know if it did anything for me personally. The smell didn't just blow me away and I didn't think that the moisture from the product really lasted. I wanted to add more on top but my skin just got kind of tight

Would I purchase it again? Nope.

This stuff packs a whole lot of amazingness into a little bit! I feel like after using this product I was getting a little face lift every day. It tightened my skin, my wrinkles, and helped minimize my pores. All of the M61 products are amazing but this is a great every night product to purchase. It helps revive dull or dry skin and people worried about hyperpigmentation. It's also safe for people who experience breakouts - this will help because of the glycolic and salicylic acid! Easily the best results and most effective product out of the ones I'm reviewing!

Would I purchase it again? Absolutely!

Not really a moisturizer but this powerful serum only enhanced any moisturizer that I used. The Vitamin C in this product does wonders for making your skin glow! Every time I used it (basically every morning) I looked like I had just gotten 8 hours of sleep. It absorbed into my skin quickly and gave my skin the silkiest texture. The only reason I didn't give it a full 5 stars is because I may have discovered a better Vitamin C product - however, the Ole Henriksen price tag is much better!

Would I purchase it again? Yes - I already did!

Have you tried any of these moisturizers? What products have you purchased again because you loved them so much?

Love Always,

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