Tuesday, April 13, 2021

{Sephora spring sale favorites}

 I'm doing something a bit different this year for the sale... I'm just going to put a large image of every single product that I'm buying and everything I love and have purchased multiple times (sometimes 12x plus haha). This way it's a quick easy click for y'all! I know tons of other bloggers are sharing their picks too. So while this may not be the prettiest collage it's the easiest and most straight forward!

I appreciate y'all shopping with my links as I do earn a tiny commission (really only dollars but every bit counts)! I am forever thankful for the support!

Love Always,

Thursday, April 8, 2021

{the perfect white maxi dress}

The second I saw this dress in January I hit purchase... it's no secret that I have a deep love for white dresses here. I love the way it pairs against my brunette hair and any colorful accessory I add on!

Shoot Location: Kimpton Key West, Ridley House

The quality is actually phenomenal for it being an Amazon find! The cotton is really soft and the lace detailing is perfect. It has a lining so you don't have to worry about it being see through. It does go low on me so the first time I wore it I used some double sided fashion tape which did the trick. But honestly you could wear a lace bralette with this and be good to go. It's definitely meant for warm weather and vacations!

Let's talk these shoes... I tend to fall in love with sandals quickly. So, I never buy on the spot but instead stalk and stalk and just wait to see if I'm still obsessing. Yep, I was thaaat obsessed with these shoes that I knew I had to get them. They are my most worn shoes this summer! Super comfortable to walk in, no break in required, and they fit my narrow foot plus high arch.

I've been seeing the BV dumpling/croissant pouch bag everywhere and knew I needed to find a dupe. Thank you Amazon for coming in clutch (pun intended). I actually searched for a couple of hours reading reviews, comparing to the original, seeing number of stars, number of bags purchased, material quality, etc.... finally found a good one and it's a hit!

My sister is getting married this summer so I've had an excuse to be even more on the hunt for white dresses ;) I'm pretty sure she has 2 white dresses for each day on her bachelorette (including bikinis), and a rehearsal dinner dress + bridal shower dresses but I keep sending them to her! I just LOVE the silhouette of any white dress! I've linked a bunch that I've found (basically all under $100) below!

Love Always,

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