Tuesday, May 8, 2018

{forever 21 try-on haul}

Last week I shared a couple of dresses/rompers that I got from Forever 21! Y'all were really excited to see my picks so I thought I would post them here as well so you can continue to shop them :) I still love shopping at F21 because it's budget friendly and when you want to buy something trendy that you know won't be in style forever this is the place to go. Right now I'm loving the tie-waist detail... more than half of what I purchased coincidentally had a cute little tie. 

I'm wearing a Medium in everything and am 5'-5" for reference! Happy shopping :)

This is such an easy cotton dress and is perfect to go from desk to drinks! I also LOVE to travel in maxi dresses and will pair this with a jean jacket when I travel to CA at the end of the month.

Calling all you bachelorette babes! We all have those bridal weekends where we need a cute black dress! This one juuuuuust hits my fingertips but what it lacks in length (lol) it makes up for in sass! I had a little bit of room around my rib cage so if you're a bustier gal you will still be good to go! [It's a little hard to tell but the front has buttons from top to bottom with a middle tie - you can see a bit of my skin.]

This maxi was the reason for my F21 shopping spree! It's so lightweight and feminine! The bottom is a little see-through but just make sure you wear nude undergarments. I also wasn't able to wear a bra with this but the top is double-lined and you can adjust the bow to make sure it fits properly. The straps are adjustable and there is a zipper up the back.

My high school preppy heart was fulfilled when I tried this on. I don't normally wear tight-fitted dresses (food comes first, always) but this didn't leave me feeling self-conscious at all! There is a bit of rubber around the top so it stays up and the bow is adjustable. It zips all the way up the back but doesn't have too much stretch to it.

So much feminine goodness in one beautiful red dress! I wore this to my high school reunion last weekend and got soooo many compliments on it. I love the wrap around ruffle - made it super easy to walk and dance in! The straps are adjustable and it zips up the side.

CAN I WEAR THIS EVERY DAY!? I love a lot of rompers but idk if I've ever loved one as much as this! Bring on the Fourth of July! The back zips up and has elastic around the top so that it stays up securely. The bow in the front is adjustable so you can loosen or tighten it and the best part is that the whole romper is lined - so it's not see through at all!

I love this dress but it was a little too tight on me - it literally fit like a glove but not in a way I wanted haha. The ruffle on the bottom has a slight hi-lo look to it that I couldn't get enough of! The straps are adjustable and the bra cups have padding in them so you don't have to figure out a bra! I'm wearing a M but probably would have been happier with a L.

If you have any questions let me know! I also am curious... do you like seeing these try-on hauls? I posted it on IG but then it disappears. Do you like seeing them posted on the blog too?

Love Always,

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

{weekend away at lansdowne resort}

I love the hustle and bustle of the city but sometimes you need an escape. Normally, my answer is to head out to a winery for the day or go on a hike but after a couple of stressful weeks at work some R&R was needed. So, Kyle and I packed our bags one sunny (but really, really windy) Saturday morning and headed out to Loudoun County to stay at Lansdowne Resort!


I can't tell you how amazing it was to only have to drive 45 minutes to get there - our mini-vacation started so quickly! There were a couple of toll roads but you could easily go around them, it just may take a little longer. If you're flying in, the Dulles airport is only 15 minutes away.


Every single room has a view of the beautiful greenery that surrounds the hotel on every side! I love the simplicity of the beds and the lounge chair and bar cart sitting in front of the huge window. The desk area has a cute picture collage over it which makes it feel very home-y. The beds... oh boy y'all. They were like big pillows! Also, what is it about all white bedding that just makes it feel more cloud like?


Kyle and I explored the entire hotel after checking in to really get a lay of the land since the sun was shining. After walking around for awhile and peeking in every room we grabbed a bottle of wine at the market (they sell wine from local vineyards) and decided to take happy hour in our room. We were so thrilled to have a cheese and charcuterie board delivered! It's not a true vacation if you don't have room service and eat it in bed, right?

My favorite thing about Lansdowne was that we didn't have to go far to find food or drink. There were tons of restaurant options and they all had a different feel to them! We ate at Coton & Rye Saturday night for dinner and really treated ourselves to a meal... pre-dinner cocktails, wine, appetizers, entrees, and dessert!! Everything was so delicious and it was an entirely new menu! They're constantly changing what is prepared so that seasonal items can be used and the chefs can stay sustainable. I absolutely loved sitting by the fire too - it just felt really romantic

The next morning, before our spa day, we had brunch at Riverside Hearth. I'm pretty sure a buffet brunch is the best thing ever... sweet and savory all on one plate (multiple plates, obviously). I didn't indulge in the mac&cheese and chicken tenders but I did have the most beautiful waffle made for me ever!

Be sure to check out the rest of Lansdowne's restaurants like Pub 46 for happy hour, Piedmont's Table for a fancy night out, and the new spots they have coming this summer! Guess that means I'll have to make a trip back ;)


I was really shocked at all of the activities that Lansdowne hosts not only for the guests but for locals as well. Kyle and I were there during a really cold and windy weekend so we opted to stay inside for the majority of the weekend. We took part in a cooking class and learned how to make Irish Car Bomb bites (it was before St. Patrick's Day!) with one of the pastry chefs! She taught us lots of tips and tricks and we got to sample everything as it was made.

Before leaving we walked along the river and all through the golf course - even though it was cold everything was still really beautiful. I don't know how to golf but it is definitely a golfer's paradise and makes me want to learn (mainly because of the cute outfits, driving range, and the little food hut on the course haha).

In warmer weather there is an insane pool, hot tub, water slide, etc!! If I need a list of reasons to go back in warmer weather this is 100% on that list! There are also tennis courts on the property that are calling my name for summer ;)

The best part about Lansdowne, in my opinion, has to be the Spa! They offer everything from manicure/pedicure to facials to couples massages to hair styling. My massage was probably the highlight of my trip - it was incredibly relaxing and hanging out in the sauna and steam room after totally took away all of my Sunday scaries! I would recommend bringing a bathing suit and heading to the Spa early so that you can enjoy the hot tub with a glass of wine beforehand as well. There are showers with a Eucalyptus Steam that feel incredible after a nice massage and quiet time in the steam room! Just thinking about my time at the spa right now has me daydreaming


The majority of the resort is pretty casual - I opted for blue jeans and boots on Saturday (post coming soon) and switched into heels and an off the shoulder sweater for dinner! All of the restaurants have their own vibe but you can dress however you want. Piedmont's is the only place where you really need to dress up and golf whites for the course obviously ;) The entire resort has a blend of fancy events and casual events so it's great to see that people are just comfortable and enjoying their vacations!

Has anyone been to Lansdowne before? Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions!

**Thank you to Lansdowne Resort for sponsoring my stay! All thoughts and opinions are my own!**

Love Always,

Thursday, March 15, 2018

{the one shopping email I don't unsubscribe from}

Photography by Allie Provost

Tuckernuck Scarf // Old Navy Jeans in Cyan // Tory Burch Purse, similar // J.Crew Flats

A couple of years ago my friend introduced me to an email "helper" called Unroll Me. It basically takes all of those shopping emails (you know, the ones you shop from and the ones you just like to window shop from) and compiles them into one big email for you at the end of the day. So instead of my inbox exploding every morning, I get one nice little email at the end of the day that shows me a screenshot of everything that would have been taking over my inbox. It helps the most important emails not get lost in the clutter. I love Old Navy and my CVS coupons but I don't need 5 emails a day telling me about the 40% off sale they're having... I scroll through my Unroll Me email before I shut down for the end of the night and open web browsers of things I want to check out!

But there is one shopping email that I will never unsubscribe from... Tuckernuck! Not only are their emails graphically pleasing - can I get an Amen! for use of good white space - but I love every single piece of clothing they sell. Most weekends I take a walk around Georgetown with Kyle and we always make a stop in their flagship store down Connecticut! Their emails always tell a story with their pieces and they do a great job showing you how you can finish a look with their accessories and shoes. Each outfit appears so effortless and I love how they show a range of office appropriate to beach friendly.

When I spied this pink scarf in January via one of their emails I instantly bought it. I'm talking no second thoughts... add to cart, purchase, done, all in one minute. Did I mention that I had to wait a month for it to even ship? Haha yep! I loved how big it was and the different ways you could style it. It may be 20-40 degrees in DC this week (and last weekend) but that didn't stop me from dressing like it was spring. In the sun I felt wonderful ;)

Allie spotted these flowering trees last weekend (she surprised me with Dana and Elle along with the help of Kristyn!!! Best. Surprise. Ever!) and we all couldn't help but snap some photos. It was a friendly reminder that we will be through with the wind, snow, and rain so (so?) soon!

This scarf keeps selling out and getting restocked but you can finally preorder it right now and it will ship on April 1st. I love the other colors it comes in too - red is next on my wish list!

Love Always,

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

{NYFW 2018}

I had the incredible opportunity of attending NYFW again this year! The coolest part? It was an entirely different experience from the last two years!

If you were following along on my IG stories (my highlight reel is still up on my Insta) then you saw that my two worlds collided. I went to NYC with a carpet company, Mohawk, that I work with at my day job! I work for a large architecture firm in corporate interiors so I've specified their carpets on multiple projects. When I got the invite I could hardly contain my excitement!! NYFW is one of the most incredible things I've ever had the opportunity to experience - the rush and adrenaline from watching a show in person is indescribable. I always get so much inspiration from the colors, textures, and experience the designers create. My coworker, Carissa, and I joined our Mohawk rep, Stacy, for the weekend - a true girl's trip to NYC (we still have a fashion inspiration IG thread going).

The weekend kicked off with happy hour at the new Mohawk showroom. We met other designers from Texas and Boston who were there for the weekend as well and then checked in to our hotel before heading off to dinner.

We were lucky to have snagged a reservation at the exclusive restaurant, The Lobster Club. I wish I had taken photos of everything we ordered and ate because it was easily the most incredible meal I have everrrr divulged in!

We then popped upstairs to The Grill to have a quick night cap (and photoshoot of the retro ladies lounge haha).

Saturday morning was bright and early! We grabbed some coffee/tea and checked in to the VIP lounge at Spring Street Studios. Mohawk had purchased an "experience package" where we could go to shows and also see the set-up and runway from a skybox. It was amazing to be able to see the behind the scenes go on...

But of course the best part was being able to attend the shows!! We sat in the skybox for two and got to be seated for the rest. The adrenaline that you feel with the opening of every show will always be a surreal feeling for me. I can only imagine how the designer feels! They've been working and waiting for this moment for months and it's all over in 10 minutes max! I wanted to soak in every single second and detail... I try not to take too many photos so I can live in the moment (esp since I had forgotten my camera) but I couldn't help but capture some of my favorites with my iPhone - can you blame me?!

Dan Liu //
Red lips, James Bond vibes, sunglasses, feminine silhouettes, classic pumps, and shiny hair.
Colors - blush, yellow, navy, red, and black.

Dion Lee //
Cutouts, mesh, booties, slick hair, transforming fabric as it moves, and monochromatic style.
Colors - black, navy, grey, blush, olive, and red.

Taoray Wang //
Gorgeous wispy hair, deep side parts, subtle skin, feminine suits, sexy lace, and bold red lips.
Colors - red, olive, black, and crisp white.

Son Jung Wan //
Bold blues, sparkles, rosy cheeks, embellishments, slick hair, and glamour.
Colors - Cream, sparkle, blush, blue, turquoise and bright yellow.

One of the coolest and most unique parts about our NYFW day were the interviews we got to partake in. We sat in a cozy room with a fire place or up in our skybox meeting people who had different takes on the fashion world we were surrounded by. I can't imagine not having had Stacy and Carissa there with my to obsess over every little detail and talk about what inspired us the most. We also chatted about how the color palettes were going to inspire us at work - you could say we geeked out a little bit!

Russell James //
This man was such an interesting person. He started off making trash cans for a career and is now a photographer for Victoria's Secret. Russel told stories about shooting for multiple celebrities and magazines. He spoke about empowerment vs exposure in the industry and how he helps people feel comfortable in front of the camera. His book, "Backstage Secrets", is next to him - I spent a long time drooling over every photo. It's easily my new favorite coffee table book!

Senior Talent Managers at IMG Models //
They referenced Karlie Kloss, Taylor Hill, and Ashley Graham as models they've worked with. One of the biggest takeaways was when they said "my customer base wants to book people and personalities. not just looks!" With social media being so huge they want their models to feel approachable and help create a story with the brands they work for.

Christian Cowan //
We chatted briefly with him right after watching his show! He told us the inspiration for his collection and how he decided to turn the batteries from his neon outfits into purses. [Check out photos from his show here.] He also brought his new puppy, Dot, with him! He had to leave quickly because he was off to London to prep for a top secret show!

And as quickly as NYFW started, it was over... but our weekend wasn't! We had a little time before dinner so we headed back to the hotel to change. Then we went to dinner at Black Barn before rushing off to see a Broadway show!

So at this point it began pouring... and the traffic through Times Square was horrendous (I know nobody is surprised). We ended up having to get out of the cab, with no umbrellas, and sprint to the theater. With 10 minutes to doors closing and all of us being in heels (myself in 4" stilettos) it was absolute madness. Spoiler alert: we made it. Only after I ran into the wrong theater because my head was under my jacket trying not to get soaked and I legit had no clue where I was going. I was the last person let in to the theater hahaha #dramatic. We saw Hello, Dolly! with Bernadette Peters and it was everything and more. I can't wait to get back up to NYC to see another show!!! [On my wish list: Anastasia, Frozen, and Wicked]

What a Saturday... Sunday morning brought in more rain and a quiet hour in bed reading before we had to pack up. Pretty much the only quiet time we had all weekend! After walking through Grand Central (my first time seeing it!) we grabbed brunch at Lexington Brass and decided to imbibe in a cocktail because we were still on vacation :) I ordered the avocado toast (duh) and was blown away at the flavors. Will definitely be recreating on my own at home. Then we were whisked back to the train station and heading back to DC before we could even realize the weekend was over.

What. A. Weekend. I love how NYFW and NYC are always different each time I visit. I've only been to visit 5 times in my life but I'm excited to get back to explore more and see all my friends that live there (looking at you Mandy)!!

My insta stories from my trip is still up on my Instagram if you want to see more behind the scenes and photos. If you're curious where any of my outfit details are from let me know in the comments below! xoxo

Love Always,

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