Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{reasons to smile}

Ever have one of those days where everything seems to hit you at once from multiple facets of your life? That's been me the past two days (epitome of a sensitive girl here, y'all). I was on the phone with my mom last night and she gave me two pieces of advice... 1) Don't forget that everyone is going through something. You never know what's happening behind closed doors. 2) Find something to smile about. #smartmomma

Because I believe that happiness is contagious I figured what better way to try and lift my spirits and possibly someone else's by sharing my {current} list of totally random things that make me smile. I try to write them down in my phone on the notepad app whenever I think of something new...
Happy Wednesday, friends!

1. a hot cup of tea in the morning
2. cool summer breeze with the sun shining
3. learning something new
4. the perfect bowl of macaroni and cheese
5. knowing this too shall pass
6. drawings from my nephew
7. hearing people love to see how you're doing
8. catching up with an old friend
9. knowing nothing has changed with that friend
10. mint leaves in water
11. getting those heels 70% off
12. being genuinely complimented by a stranger
13. seeing a homeless man smile simply because it's a beautiful day
14. careful details on a pair of men's suede shoes
15. watching a new mom hold her baby
16. free chocolate chip cookies
17. seeing a couple hug each other
18. knowing your support systems extends farther than you can reach
19. a friend doing a favor and putting your worries at bay
20. uncorking a bottle of wine after a long day
21. the bachelorette finale (yes.)
22. smell of fresh, sourdough bread
23. a glimmer of hope in the unexpected future
24. somebody offering you a hug
25. phone calls late in the night simply to be reminded you are loved
26. picture texts of my kitty
27. a perfectly cooked egg
28. telling someone you miss them and knowing one day you won't have to
say that on the phone every night
29. freshly washed sheets
30. working late and seeing a project all come together perfectly
31. the sound of waves crashing
32. laughter
33. watermelon in the summer
34. new shows on netflix
35. snuggling
36. puppy kisses
37. college football days
38. walking around the city with nothing to do
39. holding hands
40. queso, chips, and margaritas

That's all I have on my list right now :) I'd love to hear what everyone has on theirs as well!
I hope your day is filled with laughter and you're surrounded by people who love you!

Love Always,

my kitty, Thumper

Monday, July 28, 2014

{cobalt blue}

I wore this little number out on Saturday for a date night! So comfortable and easy-breezy but the best part? I wore it all morning as well. I'm talking laundry, cleaning, errands, etc. all the way to happy hour and then dinner. It was perfect!!

Sam Edelman Shoes // Ray-Bans // Kate Spade Clutch, similar // Francesca's Necklace, old

Unfortunately, my romper is sold out :(
BUT, as I've always promised if something sells out before I have a chance to post it on my blog... I will always link similar, reasonably priced, and super cute alternatives!!

^similar to this style I wore…

Are y'all tired of the romper trend yet? I'm just getting into pineapples so that last link is quiiiite the find if I do say so myself! Thanks for reading!

Love Always,

PS. If you're in the DC area you have to go to Lauriol Plaza and sit on the roof. Make sure you order their Swirl Margaritas… to die for. CHEERS!

Friday, July 25, 2014

{back to basics}

Tobi Sandals, old (similar, similar, similar)  // Gigglosophy Ring gifted // Michael Kors Bracelet //
Butter London Polish in "Cotton Buds" (on hands)

Today, it's all about the accessories. Sometimes all I have energy for is a simple black tank and a pair of white shorts (my go-to as I'm sure you've noticed)! So to spruce it up I grab the two things every girl should have in her closet: Leopard and turquoise. I don't know why they work so well (okay yes I do, because they're "neutrals" in my book) but they just make me feel complete. It looks like I put so much effort into this outfit but all I did was throw on patterned sandals and a fun (supaaa cheap) necklace!
*Presto! Now you can go out the door to meet friends and look fabulous in a second*

Happy weekend, friends! Thanks for reading :)

Love Always,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

{nordstrom sale}

It has taken everything in me to not purchase everything on my wish list from this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Y'all… IT. IS. GOLD.  I've always had a hard time buying stuff for Fall in the Summer time but I can see the point. Especially when all of it is on sale like this! I guess I'm still loving the sunshine (note: NOT the humidity) and sandals, sundresses, rompers and bikinis :)  Those boots though. Come to Mama! Aren't they beautiful? I told my roomies that I was making this list my virtual closet. I just wish I could photoshop myself into that leather theory jacket with some hot over the knee boots (plus that M.A.B. tote for a pop)!

Craving for Fall:
Nude makeup
Gold accessories
Bright blue bags
Detailed pumps
Leather boots
Long Sweaters
Leather-sleeved Coats

Prices go back up on August 4 so make sure to at least grab everything you need want by Sunday!
What's everyone else craving for Fall? Thanks for reading!

Love Always,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{camels for wednesday}

Yep, camels on Wednsday… that's how cliché I am! I just couldn't resist the colors, either!

South Moon Under Scarf, orange in stores (blue) // Victoria's Secret Wedges // Loren Hope Bracelet // Earrings, gift // Dress, old

Pairing it with a simple white dress was a no brainer! Let those colors shine :)
Happy Wednesday!

Love Always,

Photography by my girl, Rachel Brennan

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{stripes + lace}

I'm lucky to be in a slightly more casual office environment… Since I work in the design world we aren't expected to wear suits and closed toed heels everyday. This is my typical go to outfit: comfy heels, pencil skirt, fun flowy top. My typical purse is large enough to carry my heels and lunch in but then will work for any type of work function after hours (oh hello 16 hour day again).

Forever 21 Shirt, not online (similar, similar, love) // Gap Skirt, old (on sale, similar) // Charles David Shoes // Michael Kors Purse // JCrew Bracelet, just sold out (acrylic, jeweled tortoise, acrylic link)

I loved this pairing because of the stripes on the skirt contrasted with the lace in the top. From afar it looks simple (I wear a ton of white with navy normally) but up close it has a lot of detailing going on. If I have a busy skirt or shirt I try to keep my jewelry simple. Unfortunately, this acrylic bracelet just sold out online but I've linked some other great bracelets. I love the look of acrylic jewelry!

Love Always,

PS. 50% off at Tobi right now and Lulu*s has free shipping today!! WAHOO!

Photographs by my girl, Rachel Brennan

Monday, July 21, 2014


Happy Monday!
I had such an amazing (too short!!) weekend with some of my favorite girls from college. I don't think I've ever been with a funnier, smarter, gorgeous group of girls. It brought me right back to the days of formals, date parties, and long Wednesday nights.

This group of my girlfriends comes from different states, backgrounds, and sororities. We grew up together in college bonding over our love of the same fraternity and now bond over our love for each other. Not a day goes by I don't consider myself the luckiest person for being introduced to them. This past weekend was a reminder that even though we haven't had a reunion/get-together in 2 years that friendships like ours never change. Those are always the best friendships... the ones that instantly pick up where they left off as if no time passed in between giant hugs and girly squeals!
It's crazy to think everything that's happened between us and to us. We're grown up, graduated, and planning big things for our future! It's amazing to watch everything grow, especially two girls who are engaged (oh boy am I excited for those weddings)!

This blog is my little part of the interwebs where I share my love of fashion and everything in between… so today I simply wanted to start my friends' day off with lots of love and pass on to y'all how amazing it is to have these friendships! I hope I never go 2 years without staying up late giggling again!! I've made some great friendships through social media and blogging already so thank you everyone for reading and constantly encouraging and supporting me… I send my sincerest gratitude to you and wish I could give everyone a giant squeeze!

Love Always,

 Yep, typical Dreamgirl pyramid
Thanks for the picture Maggie <3

Friday, July 18, 2014

{travel attire}

When I travel via car I normally throw on a pair of leggings and a big t-shirt (normally an old sorority v-neck haha). However, I don't own a car so I travel via Amtrak or plane these days! I tend to leave straight from work, hop on a train, and then go straight out in the same clothes. So I have to be strategic in picking out clothes that will transition well and not wrinkle from sitting for a while.  I always gravitate towards a cotton dress.  This outfit is what I wore the other weekend when I took a train to Richmond to meet up with the boy!

I wore this dress with a necklace and heels at work then switched into my chucks and put on a scarf (so that if I got cold on the train I could put it over my legs or arms).  Then when I got to Richmond I put on some sandals and my favorite necklace and was ready to grab dinner and walk around town! So versatile!

I've been seeing the "16 hour day" talked about a lot. I know a lot of people that dress for this type of lifestyle, myself included sometimes! Piperlime has recently worked with Courtney Kerr and Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies for this type of dress... Their takes on this style are linked!
One of my favorite things about blogging is gathering inspiration from others. I'm on a budget so seeing different ways to style the same piece has always been a favorite of mine! (If you're gonna spend money on something you want to get good use out of it!)

Love Always,

Thursday, July 17, 2014

{kendra scott - glamrocks}

I love jewelry.
No, I mean I reaaaaallly love love LOVE jewelry.
I think it's probably the best gift to receive and give. I'm a huge advocate of statement jewelry but there's something so perfect about an every day ring, bracelet or necklace. Double points if that every day piece makes a statement as well. So, without further ado... I present to you:

Through my love of Instagram I stumbled upon this charming Dallas lady a while ago. I only own one pair of earrings (as seen here) but have had my eye on so many pieces for awhile that I'm thinking it's time to get a real collection going!!
Her new line called "Glamrocks" was FINALLY launched this week! The anticipation... too many sneak peaks for my little heart to handle y'all. I fell in love with a ton of her new pieces but here are my top favorites :) I would consider some statements and others, every day pieces.
Happy shopping!

Love Always,
Jennifer (self-proclaimed addict)

PS. If you're going to gift this to someone like I recommended might I suggest you just get me one while you're at it? Heehee ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{something about skorts}

Skorts... the combination of a skirt + shorts. These aren't just for those awkward middle school days anymore, ladies (because the plaid skort I wore in TX in 6th grade was... yeah... I was a bean pole with chicken legs and frizzy hair)!
I have worn a skort out two weekends in a row and every one gets so excited about it! It's like having a bit of the 90s back without the scrunchies (now I'm going to go play N*Sync...)

This pink was just so pretty I couldn't pass it up! Yes, I'm the epitome of girly in this outfit with my sparkly tassel necklace and wedges... but hey, why not? I can look cool and edgy the next time ;)

I've linked a ton of skorts up above. All ranging in prices! I like to think that not always spending a lot of money on something is okay (even if it rips after 2 wears). I mean hi... I'm paying off a lot of college loans right now. I tend to save my money to splurge on really nice things that I know I'm going to get a ton of use out of: bags, shoes, classic jewelry. So if something cool pops up but I'm iffy about it, I get it for a low price tag and give it a whirl! If I like it enough then I look into something with more intricate details of better craftsmanship. Besides, investing in a bit of a childhood flashback was A-OK in my book for now so this skort gets a gold star and an A+!

What 90s trend will come back next?
Love Always,

PS. follow along with my office outfits and daily shenanigans here!
There have been some other "skort spottings" :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

{pool essentials}

I spend every free moment at the pool with my friends during the summer. It's the best way to relax and cool off during these hot summer days! Besides my phone and a good magazine here's what I always bring with me (besides the SPF, duh!)... is one of my favorite places to shop! If you haven't signed up yet you can HERE! It'll give you 50% off of your first order. Every new arrival is 30% off for the first week once you sign up!
South Moon Under also has a Summer Clearance sale going on right now...up to 70% off all sale merchandise! Score! I'm loving these heels, these sandals, this skirt, this simple white shirt, this necklace, and this gorgeous turquoise necklace!
Lulu*s also has an extra 25% off their swim sale TODAY! Use code SWIM25 and "get your mermaid on"

Happy Summertime, loves. Thanks for Reading :)

Love Always,

ps... still can't stop listening to this hehe

Monday, July 14, 2014

{off-the-shoulder romp}

It's no secret that rompers are "in" right now... and it's also no secret that I am a major fan!
When I saw this one I knew it would be perfect for some rooftop cocktails. So when I went out to Adams Morgan on Saturday night grabbing this off the hanger was a no brainer!

Lulu's Romper sold out (love, love, dress, shirt, shirt) // Kate Spade Clutch (wristlet) // Marley Lilly Ring // Lulu's Knot Bracelet // Gigglosophy Love Bracelet // Coordinates Collection Necklace // Clinique Lipstick in "chunkiest chili"

I love white because it creates a blank slate and looks great in the summer with a tan. I kept my accessories simple and punched the look up with this cheeky clutch. Then I layered on some easy, gold jewelry, my sandals that I bought in Spain when I studies abroad and we were out the door!

We went to Roofer's Union in Adams Morgan... Highly recommend the rooftop!
Awesome views and frozen cocktails :)

Love Always,

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