Wednesday, July 18, 2018

{going from desk to drinks}

I went into Target the other weekend to buy toilet paper (just being honest haha) and of course I had to browse the clothing section... I mean who goes to Target and doesn't stop through that section?! I stumbled upon this jumpsuit and thought "hmm this could be cute on." Well, the second I tried it on I was in loooove. It's conservative enough for work but has enough fun and flavor to it that I'd wear it out to a bar! I actually wore it to work a couple weeks ago, caught a train, and then went out for drinks with my family in Baltimore!

Living in DC I need my wardrobe to function for me in lots of different ways:
Work & Play // I have plenty of items that I can't wear to the office because a girl needs her mini skirts and off the shoulder shirts so it's really nice to have items that can work double duty! A big part of my life is events after work - that's when I get to see all of my friends and explore DC. I constantly have networking or blogger events in different places all over the city 3-4 times a week.
Travel // A travel friendly outfit comes in handy when you're walking to the metro or standing on a packed bus in traffic! You need to be able to move and not worry about flashing someone.
Date Night // A skirt and top is a classic look for work but it's not always what you want as a date option (my go to was always jeans and a blouse). A jumpsuit has a lot of sass and personality to it for the summertime! Dating is hard enough so why not have some fun with your look ;)

How do you make an outfit check all the boxes?

Love Always,

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  1. That jumpsuit is SO cute!!! Such a good Target find!

    Ashlee |


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