Thursday, March 25, 2021

{wedding guest dress: yellow ruffles}

Does anything scream sunshine like a yellow dress? I felt happy and wanted to twirl around all of Key West in this!

Now that things are *getting back to normal* I feel like it's time to start talking about wedding guest dresses and heels and jewelry and eek!! This dress comes in sooooo many colors so there's one for every personality ;) It's the perfect length and flattering on any body type because the ruffles are super forgiving. I was relieved that the off the shoulder top didn't cut into my arms either - you could easily move the top ruffle to sit on your shoulders too. I'm in my true size small!

It's been a hot minute since I've had to wear heels but I couldn't resist these nude babies with clear straps. The clear shoe trend has been very popular recently - with the actual heel being acrylic or just the straps or toe being a strip of clear vinyl. I wasn't sure how I felt about it so this was a nice way to dip my toe into the trend (get it? get it??). When I pick a heel for weddings 9 out of 10 times I go for a block heel. It allows me to dance the night away and never feel like I need to take my shoes off - remember gross dance floors?!

Who is excited to go to a MASSIVE wedding and dance the night away?! Haha :) Would y'all like to see more wedding guest dress options? Let me know below!

Love Always,

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

{spring break style: pink maxi dress}

Spring is officially here! Feels good to know the temps are warming up everywhere and we can begin leaving that jacket "just in case it gets cold" when we know it's going to at home!

Location: Kimpton Key West, Ridley House

If you've been a long time Southern Anchors reader you know that 60% of my dresses are from Red Dress Boutique... okay maybe like 80% - whoops! They just crush it every time! I love this dress because of the movement and simple ruffle tiers. It's incredibly lightweight and moves beautifully in the breeze. It also comes in 6 colors which meant I had a hard time narrowing down my favorite color. I eventually decided on this rose pink because I surprisingly don't have a lot of pink in my closet. I wear a lot of blues, greens, and whites - just my go to color palette!

If you're following me on Instagram (@jennrog) then these pearl hair clips look familiar... I've been wearing them non-stop and was on the hunt to find a clip that elevated my look without just being a regular old claw clip. I've seen hairstyles with pearl details all over Pinterest so these were my goal! You're not going to believe the price... $8 for ALL FOUR! I just started seeing some boutiques selling them for $13 each -___- no thank you!!

Okay last thing we need to discuss... my sandals. I saw these and instantly new I needed them. However, I mulled over the decision to purchase for awhile. Then I started putting on outfits and thinking "man, those shoes would be perfect with this." The rest is history. They're my #1 grabbed shoe in my closet! (Should I purchase a back up pair when these wear out? Eekk!)

What colors do you wear the most? Are you ready for Spring?!

Love Always,

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