Wednesday, February 19, 2020

{spring break ready | amazon bikinis under $20}

Cactus Suit ($15, M) // Orange Suit ($18, M) // Ruffle Suit ($17, M)

Cactus - runs small - size up one, top is stretchy to pull over, padding
Orange - runs TTS (could've used a S), adjustable straps, metal clasp, v detail in bottoms, padding
Ruffle - runs small - size up one (no stretch in hip ruffles), adjustable straps, hook clasp, padding

Pink Suit ($14, M) // Striped Suit ($16, M) // Black Suit ($19, M)

Pink - runs small - size up two, adjustable tie in back (reversible for some!), padding
Striped - runs small - size up one, no padding
Black - runs TTS (I could've used a S up top but bottoms run small), padding, top stretches over

White Suit ($15, M) // Blue Suit ($18, M) // Patterned Suit ($14, M)

White - runs small  size up one, tie in back is not functional. adjustable straps, padding
Blue - runs small - size up one, adjustabel straps, metal clasp, padding (I removed)
Patterned - runs small - size up two, tie in front is adjustable, no padding

All of these adorable suits are from Amazon and less than $20!! Living in Key West, I wear a bikini almost every weekend and sometimes during my lunch break to get outside haha. Yes, this may seem like a lot but I wash all of my suits and don't like to wear the same one too often lol. Plus, sometimes I want to be sassy in neon orange and sometimes I want something more covered like a striped bikini top. Your mood changes just like your bikinis!

I do also want to note that yes, I am small chested (32A) and most of these suits are cheeky bottoms (normally wear a size 2/4). This is simply what works for me and what I feel best in!! It doesn't make sense for me to order a one piece or high waisted suit when I don't genuinely think I'll wear it (and I do NOT play the try on and return game for profit...). If you look at the reviews from these suits a lot of them have photos with different sized women wearing them! I always choose to look at reviews before I purchase. I think a lot of these will work well for different body types!

At the end of the day, if you have CONFIDENCE, then any bikini will look amazing!!

Love Always,

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

{polka dot green amazon maxi}

The days in Key West have been warm (not hot) during the day and nice at cool at night. Plus, there's always a breeze running through the island. This glorious weather has me reaching for maxi dresses with a flowy material - and a jean jacket for nights on the water!

I ordered this maxi last month because I didn't have a halter dress I loved sitting in my closet. It was oddly enough something very specific that I was searching for and had no luck. Amazon to the rescue am I right? I found the green dress with a slight hi-lo hem and a darling pattern. When I received it in the mail I obviously put it on instantly. I was so happy to see that it barely wrinkled and was the perfect length with sandals on my 5'-6" frame! This would work so well on taller girls, or short girls with heels, or any height girl with heels because the hem doesn't make it look awkward wherever it hits. You can adjust where the elastic waist hits with help of the ribbon - it's not attached and doesn't have loops to go through FYI. I've reached for this dress a couple of times now and am practically thinking about getting another color! Green is my favorite though :)

I know I've worn these Tkees shoes more times than y'all can count... I got them for Christmas from my sister and her fiance! I've had my heart set on these shoes for YEARS but never actually swooped them up. Don't ask my why not because with a price tag at $50 there's no reason to not try them out (they have free returns and exchanges). When Samantha asked me what I wanted for Christmas they were the first thing I put on my list. They. Are. So. Damn. Comfortable!!! Tkees form to your feet and the leather is an absolute dreammmm - feel like I'm walking on clouds!!
A note about sizing: they run small and if you have wide feet you'll have to size up again too. I have very narrow feet so the straps across were a little tight at first but they've stretched out a loooot. I normally wear a 7 and went up to an 8 (no half sizes) and they fit perfectly now.

Let's talk about this bag... yes, I know it's a splurge for a straw bag. However, the double handles, personalization, and quality of materials is above and beyond. I purchased a designer straw bag at the end of last summer (through Rent the Runway, but still a $$ tag) that had short handles and long straps and they style was so convenient. I carried it almost every day but the rough straw began breaking, poking out, and just falling apart. I was very disappointed. I knew that all of the details on this bag would check those boxes and hold up better. The neutral colors make my heart sing and the pocket inside is perfect for your phone! [You can purchase without letters and choose whatever patches you want.]

What's your favorite spring outfit right now? If you're in the cold what are you most excited to throw on the second your vacation starts?!

Love Always,

Friday, February 14, 2020

{valentine's day red}

Happy Valentine's Day, babes! I'm rocking my new pink and red dress today because I love any excuse to celebrate love ;) hope everyone has some fun plans tonight... whether it's with your SO or some of your best friends!!

Love Always,

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

{3 simple healthy habits to try}

Something about a New Year always brings really big resolutions and goals. Don't get me wrong - I have a huge list! Almost to the point where I thought "can I really do all of this?" By the time February rolls around most people have given up because they feel defeated or they believe their goals aren't actually attainable. Perhaps it's because they aren't approachable? A goal can be made overnight but it's certainly not accomplished overnight! So I like to break my goals down into simpler steps. If you want to workout more then focus on getting to the gym once or twice a week; once you accomplish that move your goal up to three times a week. Always focus on the successes and not the steps backward. You can always start again - not just at the beginning of the year!

So let's start with three simple (and healthy) tasks to try and accomplish every day. If you can't do all three - then tomorrow is a fresh beginning again.

What resolutions or goals do you have for yourself this year?

Love Always,

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

{2019 amazon favorites}

I know it's almost the end of January but I've been seeing lots of Amazon recap posts and I LOVE seeing other people's favorites haha. It's like getting a peak into someone's closet - so much fun! Plus, Amazon has everything under the sun and you can search for hours and find a million great things and others will still find something different. So it's cool to see what worked for people and how they vary. I had a lot of favorites from last year so I could only narrow it down to 20. I'm thinking I may do this every month? It may not always be a set number of things but you never know what may spark someone's fancy or help them out in their life! So let's get to it shall we?

Psst this board is shoppable - just click the item you want to shop!

Adjustable Waist Belt // One of my girlfriends told me about this belt when I forgot my elastic one at home and I quickly ordered this for a wedding. It is SO comfortable because you can tighten or loosen it in a snap. I got the gold and it is so slim and elevates any outfit you need to belt! I've had multiple people order it on the spot when I wear it out haha. Not having a belt end hanging down when you need it high on your waist is amazing!

Grease Splatter Screen // I cook pretty much every single night... I'm a great cook but Kyle says I'm messy lol. A food blogger friend of mine, Miss Finger Foodie, recommended this to help with splatter and to let the steam escape. When I would use a glass lid moisture would get trapped and I had a hard time crisping some things up. This did the trick for me!

Yeti Mug // Technically this was a present for Christmas in 2018 - BUT I use it almost every single day last year... and continue to this year haha

Green Ruffle Mini Dress // I bought this dress for my sister's engagement party and got SO many compliments on it. I loved the open back and long sleeves so it was appropriate for a winter party but could also work for spring. I paired it with brown knee high boots but can't wait to wear it again with sandals. I've seen this style on multiple websites and it averages for about $60.. um, no haha. This held up through sitting and standing and packing a couple of times ;)

White V-Neck Sweater // I did a big sweater try-on during the fall and this was one of two favorites (the other is listed below)! I loved that the v-neck helped it breathe when I wore it here in KW and the bell sleeves added such charm. I can never say no to a white sweater either

Colorblock Sweater // My absolute favorite sweater of the season (I'm still wearing it here when it's chilly!!) I loooove the colors and the slight balloon look in the sleeve. It's very warm and super soft too.

Polka Dot Skirt // I've worn this skirt so many times I can't even remember all of the ways I've styled it... with a white crop top and sandals, with a button down and white sneakers, with black OTK boots and a long sleeve black shirt, etc!! The length is just perfect and the little ruffles make it so girly. I loved this neutral color so I could pair it with fun jewelry.

Collagen For Her Supplements // Collagen seems to be allll the rage still. I discovered this brand because the owner went to VT! I don't always drink tea every day (I don't drink coffee) so taking a supplement is a great way to get the collagen I need! I also buy their matcha collagen powder and make a matcha latte at home often :) I add a touch of honey and a small splash of milk. It's heaven.

Laptop Stand // Since I work from home I'm on my laptop all day sitting at my kitchen table. I started to get really bad "tech neck" from having my head angled down looking at a screen... I ordered this stand (in a pretty walnut color) to bring my laptop up to eye level and then I got a wireless keyboard. This set up isn't completely ergonomic but it's better than what I had before!

Large Frame Sunglasses // Carrie Bradshaw Lied posted about these Celine knock-offs and I knew I had to try them! Plus, they're polarized. Shocked! I love the large square shape and shiny frames to mix up my sunglasses style

iPhone Tripod // Something small and compact that I can throw in my purse and take anywhere! I've used this to take a couple of iphone photos by myself when nobody is around to help. AKA I don't want to ask a stranger ;)

Sunglasses Chains // I can't even remember how many times people have asked me about these. I wore croakies all through college so that I didn't lose my sunglasses and I knew I needed some again but more grown up. Every time I tucked my sunglasses into my shirt neck or up in my hair they would fall off and I was tired of worrying about scratching my expensive Ray-Bans. This gold chain is simple and has held up through boat days!

Pearl Sandals // Classic, girly, and super comfortable. They took awhile to come in but they are one of my most worn sandals for going out and dressing up an outfit! They run TTS.

Green Midi Dress // The perfect Spring dress to go from work to happy hour. This dress didn't wrinkle at all and I loved the length on it. It was very flattering and slimming because of the nipped in waist and the top flowy layer of material. It looked gorgeous with heels or sandals plus it comes in so many colors.

Pleated Pants // I think this was a top seller last year - these pants are adorable with just about everything and universally flattering on everyone! I love love love when y'all send me photos of you wearing something I recommended and all of the cute photos of these pants on y'all made my whole year.

White Lace Coverup // Okay, actually this was my top seller haha! I went nuts over this when I found it and then y'all sold it out :) Luckily, it's back in stock and I'm going to keep wearing it forever. It's very lightweight and perfect to get your arms out of the sun when you need to go back to the beach bar for a cocktail hehe

Steve Madden Sandals // I ordered another style of this shoe and wore it enough that investing in a plain brown pair was worth it. I was excited when I found them on sale AND they were prime so fast shipping!

Garmin Fitness Watch // Another present technically from Christmas 2018, but again, I wore it every day in 2019!! I really ramped up my cardio workouts in 2019 and learned about high intensity versus low intensity workouts. Tracking my steps and seeing the different heart rate zones I was getting in during those workouts was super cool and enlightening. Don't even get me started on how fascinating the sleep tracker is! Everyone seems to have an Apple Watch but I didn't want (or need) to have texting and phone calls on my wrist!

Straw Handbag // A very popular designer created a round handbag last summer and I couldn't justify the price because I didn't know if I was going to carry it enough. Well, then I found this one and the price was much better and I definitely carried it enough haha.

Green PomPom Coverup // The best simple coverup if you don't want anyone to see your bathing suit! The little pompom detail adds some charm to the edges. It's on the shorter side for me - just barely covers my rear end but I love that the sides are open so it breathes easily.

Love Always,

Thursday, January 16, 2020

{red dress boutique try-on haul | January}

It's no secret that I not only love to shop but I also LOVE a good sale find! That's one reason I'm always shopping on Amazon ;) the prices are to die for! But I also love online boutiques... you know, the ones that have new arrivals daily, limited amounts, and the cutest/most unique pieces? Enter Red Dress Boutique. I have been shopping from them for years (since the Lesley Murphy days on the Bachelor) and only recently discovered how amazing their sale section is. Almost every piece I purchased recently was under $30 and marked down to 50% off! I had some store credit from returning pieces past the window deadline and fell in love with a dress in an email blast so I decided it was time to grab a couple of new things for 2020!

Everything I purchased is in a size Small and I'm 5'-6" for height reference. I'm also normally a 2-4 and small but if something runs big I can fit into an XS.

Feel free to email me or DM me (@jennrog on IG) if you have any questions or need help picking a size!

Love Always,
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