Thursday, July 12, 2018

{nordstrom anniversary sale | early access 2018}

Scroll to the bottom if you want to see my picks and already know this drill...


Just in case you hadn't heard ;)

Today marks the first day of Early Access - that means you have to be a card holder to shop the sale. But don't worry, the sale opens up to everybody on the 20th. So if you don't have a card start making your list now and if you do have one... SHOP! The prices go back up on August 6th. [Note: if you go into stores before July 20th you won't be able to shop the items unless you have a card as well]

This sale will be primarily Fall items. I know, I know - but trust me on this. It's strange to be thinking about cardigans and boots right now. But, it's never too early to stock up. The Nordstrom Sale has new fall goodies at ridiculous prices. So when you're in denial about summer being over and you're wearing a cute sundress and then you're freezing on your walk to work feeling silly... you have an adorable sweater to wear over that dress and begin that trendy seasonal transition.

During this sale I shop in two categories: Designer Items and Basics.

I hate buying expensive things at full price so I try to always snag designer items during these types of sales. I normally have something in mind that I want to invest in for Fall because I know I will get a lot of use out of them. The best example I have are my Tory Burch boots - I bought a brown pair last year because I wore my black so much from the year before.

The term "basics" depends on your definition. For most it means jeans, white teebooties, and an everyday sweater. For others it means cute sweaters and tops. I always like to buy some new easy tees (good time to clean out that closet and donate gently worn items) and a cardigan sweater that I will wear weekly.

Sometimes those two categories combine and become designer basics: it was an investment but something I knew I would get a lot of wear out of. In 2016 that was my cashmere wrap/scarf and last year it was a pair of suede heeled boots. I was able to wear both items to work, going out, and for traveling. Investing in them meant that they were high quality! It was a larger price tag but if you broke it down to cost per wear... we're talking nickels and dimes.

Burgundy and Olive Green are still popular with lots of lavender!
Skinny denim with frayed hems
Over the knee boots (YAS!)
Details - ties, buttons, twisted fabric, fringe
Texture - leather, suede, cashmere
Loose and casual - comfort reigns

Okay, now let's get to the good stuff shall we? I have made this post and set up identical to last year. Each collage is broken down into a style - lounge wear (sweatshirts, tennis shoes, loose shirts, cozy attire), weekend wear (going out, date night, winery visits, brunch etc), and work wear (blazers, heels, nice purses, simple jewels, cardigans). Just simply click on the item you want to shop! [You'll notice I didn't link any jeans - I'm not familiar with Nordstrom brands and their sizing offered!]

What are you purchasing? Are you a designer shopper or do you stick to the basics?

Love Always,

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