Wednesday, May 17, 2017

{SCOUT bags giveaway}

Last weekend, Monica and I got together in Georgetown to shoot our trio of new SCOUT bags! Did you know that they were founded in DC in 2004? We had way too much fun walking along the gorgeous houses - Monica photographed every cute door for her cool insta series! - and carrying our bags (mine are actually filled with the things I had packed for a weekend haha). We loved all of the different patterns that you can choose from. It's fun to mix and match the prints to create your own aesthetic! We each have a little clutch with our monogram on it that we use on the weekends too :)

My first SCOUT bag was given to me in college. It was a small gift sized bag that a friend wrapped a bottle of wine in for my birthday. I'll never forget how clever I thought she was taking a nice bag that I could reuse for books or groceries and using it to put a present in. My next SCOUT bag was used as a pencil case and the third was used as a gift bag again carrying lots of goodies for a bachelorette party (it was so cute seeing them all lined up from the bride in our hotel room - it's still my primary grocery bag). You could say my addiction has been around for awhile now... 9 years to be exact, ha! The same tried and true, classic fabric bags (it's an all-weather woven fabric) now come in true wine bottle sizes - I always keep at least 4-5 in my coat closet to grab before I head to a house warming party, celebration, or need a quick thank you present - they're only $7.50! Putting a nice bottle of red or white in a cute cheery bag instantly ups the cool factor (I'm bringing one to my boyfriend's mom for MDW)!

A lot of the new SCOUT bags are made with coated cotton (hellooooo waterproof material, yes!) or coated polyester (for an insulated item) but they're still the same bright, vibrant bags you know and love. Knowing that you have a soft, colorful bag to take with you over the weekend and having it be waterproof is a total game changer y'all... I got caught in sideways rain leaving work for the train station a couple weekends ago and was so relieved that my clothes and shoes in the bag were dry... Even though I wasn't! If you use any of these bags at the beach it will keep sand and water away from your valuables.

Photography by Ashlee

When deciding what bags would be perfect for a weekend away we knew we needed a tote bag that could carry a lot of clothes but not be too overwhelming. The Weekender tote bag was an easy choice! It's super roomy, zips closed, has a little zipper side pocket for keeping things at hand, and the strap fit over our shoulders. What does every weekend bag need? A cosmetics case! There are lots of small pouches that SCOUT offers but the Packin' Heat makeup bag was just big enough without encouraging you to bring every hair product you own... weekends away are meant for spontaneity not pounds of products ;) And lastly... a cooler! We were dreaming of picnics at a winery or ice cold drinks and sandwiches on the beach! The Stiff One cooler is the perfect size for food AND drinks. It collapses really easily so you could pack it in your Weekender tote when it's not needed as well.

Now for the FUN PART!! A GIVEAWAY!! One winner will receive our trio of SCOUT bags in a pattern(s) of their choice so they can travel in style: 1 "Stiff One" cooler, 1 "Weekender" tote bag, and 1 "Packin' Heat" makeup bag! Basically the necessities for a lake, beach, road trip, etc. Hop on over to instagram to enter and fill out the widget below for more entries! Be sure to also check out Monica's post!
If you won where would you take your new SCOUT bags?

Love Always,

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

{embroidered floral romper}

White Embroidered Romper (only $44!) // Gigi New York Clutch // Tory Burch Sandals // Turquoise Necklace (adjustable) // Gold Necklace (adjustable) // BITE Lipstick in "pastille"

Warmer weather means it's time to break out the rompers! I was explaining to my boyfriend over the weekend why rompers are the best thing in my closet during those hot summer days (besides my beloved maxi dresses)... the first thing that came to mind is A) it requires no matching/pairing. The next thing was B) I don't have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction with a dress flying up. The last thing was C) it's basically a built-in matching top and shorts set ;) I mean who doesn't just swoon over that?! I love that rompers give me a bit more shape than my go-to swing dresses. This one feels light and breezy but I have some shape to my waist. I can sit in the car for a long ride to the beach and then hop out and go straight to dinner! Now I'm ready to hit the beach... hurry up, MDW!

I also want to take a second to talk about my two necklaces - both are adjustable!! I've been wearing this turquoise stone and gold coral necklace non-stop. I wear them alone, layered, one long and one short, both long, choker, etc. The possibilities are endless and I can't get enough. The back of the necklaces have a little piece that you can slide up and down the two ends to change where the charm sits on you. Even the ends hanging down the back of your neck look pretty in my mind! If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that you can wear every day and then switch the look up - buy one of these two asap. You won't regret it!!
Love Always,

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

{mother's day gift guide}

I can't believe Mother's Day is this Sunday already... May is already flying by! Whether you're celebrating a mom who has a puppy, baby, plant, or purse (haha) today's all about those awesome women in your life. Celebrate by going out to brunch with your girls or taking your mom to get a manicure. There's always a gift out there for every age and in every price range! As usual, it's always the thought that counts :) right?! I'm sure the best gift for new moms would be a nice long nap!!

Happy Mother's Day, moms! Thanks for showering everyone around you with love and always putting others over yourself. Today is your day to be pampered and showered with love!

Love Always,

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

{little denim dress for the summer}

Finding little dresses for summer has always been a favorite pastime of mine. Some girls love wearing shorts but I am a dress lover through and through. Maxi, babydoll, A-line, you name it, I love it. When I saw this chambray number at Target I picked it up without even looking at the price (spoiler alert: it's $23) because I knew it would be perfect for the summer. Wear it to the beach as a coverup, throw on a sweater for dinner, or even take a long car ride in it! The cut of the top makes it stylish but the roomy skirt makes it a foodies dream... bring on the crab feast!

I dressed this number up with a gorgeous tassel necklace, wedges, and my new purse (aka my baby - y'all know I love my purses like children hehe). I've had so much fun with this new purse... I think I accessorize it as much as I do myself. It's fun to change up the scarf I tie around the handle, add on a keychain, or just let it shine on its own! Looking forward to styling these pieces together again and on their own a lot this summer!

Love Always,
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