Friday, October 31, 2014

{happy halloween}

Happy Halloweenie, friends!!
I've been bad about posting this week (yikes)... I normally write all of my posts on Sunday or at the beginning of the week but this has been a hectic one :( My friends and I are renting an RV and heading to Blacksburg, VA to visit our alma mater, Virginia Tech, this weekend. We're going to go out celebrating tonight and then cheer on our Hokies against BC tomorrow! Yes, we are planning on sleeping in the RV as well. We've cooked lots of tailgate food and painted our costumes... Follow me on Instagram to see what we're being!!

But on to the good stuff ;) I'm a HUGE fan of Halloween and costumes. I love making things and coming up with something clever! So, I thought maybe I could help all you last minute folks pull together an outfit by showing you some of mine (or the ones I have in picture format at least. I used to do three costumes a weekend). I've included some couple's costumes, too. You college girls never know when you could need a last minute date party costume! This year's costume (E.T.) was the easiest and even got me first place in the office competition!


A bag of Jelly Belly's

Koala and a tree (oh Jonny...)

Circus Monkey


(fun fact: this was actually a giant t-shirt tied around us... my dad then wore this
the following year haha!)

Hershey Kiss
(aaaaand my dad wore the hat to the bar last year. I'm sensing a theme)

Hot Sauce

Beer Pong: Ping Pong Ball and a Solo Cup

Mario and Luigi

I hope this has brought you a good laugh or some inspiration for your costume!! What's everyone being? If you need any help or advice on making costumes just shoot me an email: That t-shirt dress trick is my go-to almost every year!

had to put in a picture of my Corgi, Kelty, as a bumble bee!

Love Always,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{fall change up}

One of my favorite things to do with plain black pants and a white sweater is to change it up with different layers! Add a hat, poncho, and OTK boots and you're ready for a date night or grab a blanket scarf, puffer vest, and leather boots for running errands around town. The possibilities are endless!

Basics: Pants // Sweater
Look 1: Hat // Poncho // OTK Boots
Look 2: Scarf // Vest // Boots
Look 3: Purse // Fur Vest // Booties

What is your favorite way to spruce up a basic outfit?
Happy hump day!

Love Always,

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{knit cape - casual}

Another look with this black knit cape… but more casual!
Perfect for a weekend brunching with friends!

photography by Emily Smalling

This outfit makes me wish it was the weekend all over again! Any cape or poncho is perfect for the weekends and rolling out of bed Saturday morning to meet friends for brunch. I have had my eye on these booties for a long time and finally got them :) I didn't have any comfortable throw-on and go shoes for colder weather… these fit the job perfectly!

Okay, let's talk about this scarf. I got it 2 years ago and get sooooo many inquiries and questions about it. Guess what?! It's in stock again this year!! I have the color camel but it also comes in white and black (in stores). It's insanely soft, perfect for any outfit and it's $20!

Love Always,

Friday, October 24, 2014

{knit cape}

Ever find a piece of clothing and the outfit ideas just come to you? That's what this knit cape did to me! I found it and just knew I could style it a million ways... since I gravitate towards casual I decided to dress it up: date night style!

photography by Emily Smalling

F21 Popcorn Knit Cape // H&M Striped Shirt, old (similar) // Old Navy Coated Denim // Marc Fisher Heels via DSW, old (similar)// Clare Vivier Clutch // Nordstrom Midi Rings // Lisi Lerch Tassel Earrings // NARS lipstick in "Dolce Vita"

Fun fact: I actually sewed the flaps of the cape so that it would stay closed along the length of my arm. I wanted it to flare out when I lifted my arms instead of my sleeve showing :)

I love easy clothing pieces like this because you can just grab them and go... no thinking required. With some great colors, texture, and pattern I was excited to put this outfit on. My photographer, Emily, told me I reminded her of Sandy from Grease! It must be the red heels and coated denim hehe. These pants have been great for going out at night and switching up the old jeans and blouse routine. Before I jumped in and rocked leather leggings these babies were on repeat Friday-Saturday.

This. Purse. OMG. When my boyfriend surprised me with it on our 6 year anniversary I literally squealed!! It's taken everything in me not to carry it to work. It's basically the only purse I carry on the weekends. What a guy!! (PS. guess he really does read my blog. hehe)


Friday Frills
For the Love of Fancy // Sew Sarah R // Sabby Style

Love Always,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

{winter beauty favorites}

I absolutely love trying new beauty products. I compiled a list of some of my favorite products after testing out maaaaany different options (my list of dry shampoos is absurd). The best ones I've found are ones that protect my face, hair and skin while extending their "life". For example, products that will help my hair not frizz or keep my skin moisturized throughout the day. Winter is harsh... the wind dries my skin out and makes my hair brittle. Finding beauty products that work for your skin and hair type are one of the fun parts about being a girl in my book! I could easily be considered a "product junkie" but you've got to try lots of different things to know what works best for you, right?

Glam Glow: I cannot say enough good things about this product. I tell every single person they need it in their life. Sephora sells mini pots of it and it's a fabulous "just because" gift! I have not used a pore strip since the day I tried this; it gets rid of every damn blackhead! No joke! The mask is made up of many ingredients including charcoal, the secret weapon, and real chunks of soothing seaweed. You can actually watch the dark mask dry and see any grossness being pulled out of your pores (sorry to sound graphic, but it literally pulls the dirt out of your skin)!

Garnier Clean + Blackhead Scrub: For preventing blackheads in the first place, this is my go to face wash! The charcoal makes your face tingle slightly and it doesn't dry out your skin (my t-zone is oily but can dry out easily and the rest of my face is normal). I love the mini-exfoliating beads in this as well. I tend to use a face wash as a makeup remover too.

Garnier Gel-cream: This goes on nice and cool and then dries lightly without leaving any residue. Your face feels "dry" to the touch but feels like a million bucks. I love applying it before bed with my fan on high so that it feels like a cold face mask. If you have a really oily face and still need a moisturizer I would recommend picking this up from your local drugstore asap!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: THE best I've tried so far! My trick? I spray it on my roots at night when I know I'm not going to shower the next day. When I wake up I scrub my roots with my fingers and it's good to go! Since my hair is super fine a lot of dry shampoos weigh my hair down and leave a really rough texture. Batiste makes it still feel silky smooth with a nice shine (such a bonus)!

Organix Hair Mask: I use this instead of conditioner once a week... It smells amazing! I leave it on for three minutes (normally while I'm belting out T.Swift's latest hit oops) and then simply rinse it out. I can visibly see a difference in the shine and strength of my hair for a week after using it.

Shiseido: This was by far the BEST sample I've gotten in my Birchbox to date. I put it on every morning and night after washing my face before any lotion or makeup. It really brightens my skin and I can feel the magical powers working ;) okay so maybe I'm buying into the allure of pretty packaging and celebrities swearing by it but I've noticed my face looking more even and it also makes my forehead and cheeks feel really smooth. It's never too early to start using anything with anti-aging powers.

OGX Flat-Iron Spray: I kill my hair by blow drying it and straightening it every other day. I use a standard heat protector while my hair is still wet before I blow dry my hair on top of this OGX product. I love the keratin in this spray and feel a little bit better about putting a hot tool to my hair since I'm double protecting it. The best thing is that it really protects against the humidity... It keeps your hair frizz-free even at the end of a pull-your-hair out day!

What products do you guys swear by?
Any product you can't live without?

Love Always,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{denim on denim}

Denim on Denim... basically a Canadian tuxedo ;)

photography by Emily Smalling

J.Crew Chambray Shirt (use code TGIFALL to get 25-30% off until 10/26) // Old Navy Denim // Nordstrom Necklace // Nordstrom Cashmere wrap // JPK Paris Purse via TJ Maxx, old (found some on eBay) // Tory Burch Flats // Gigglosophy Love Bracelet // David Yurman Cable Bracelet // Tiffany & Co Ring // Lipstick is Clinique Chubby Stick in "Mightiest Maraschino" mixed with Revlon ColorBurst in "Vivacious"

My key to pulling off this look, so I don't look like I'm wearing a giant denim jumpsuit, is to mix light and dark denim. I find a solid dark wash jean really brings out the softness of a denim shirt aka "chambray". I have multiple chambray shirts but this J.Crew one is tried and true (not pictured: missing bottom button, eek!)... It's super soft but is also thick to keep you warm!

Speaking of warm: cashmere. My darling boyfriend gave me this wrap scarf last year for our anniversary and I swear I wore it every day in the winter. It is fabulous quality and is really wide. I was able to wear it as a shawl for fancy holiday parties! The fringe detail on the bottom just adds to the luxe factor. I've said it before... but this is an investment. However, it's one I highly recommend! I feel bad for all my other scarves that get pushed aside when I see the temperatures plummet ;)
(psst boys: this is a great gift idea! My dad took note and bought my mom one for Christmas!)

Love Always,

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{tartan blanket}

Another blogger sharing her love for blanket scarves? Yep.

photography by Emily Smalling

You may remember this post about "THE essential" this fall: blanket scarves. I haven't stopped wearing this scarf and my multi colored plaid one (seen herehere and here)! It may not be an original Zara blanket scarf (holy online shopping craze… they sell out in minutes) but who needs a brand name when you can get the look for less for $13. They're so cozy to wrap up in and I adore the plaid patterns. I especially love throwing them over a boring outfit to spruce it up! Bonus points: they double as a blanket ;)

Can't wait for this cold front we have coming in… I'm tired of the humidity DC has had recently!

Love Always,
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