Wednesday, March 29, 2017

{beach trip | wish list}

I think I'm getting DC cabin fever... but this always tends to happen to me in March.  I begin getting antsy for warm weather and suddenly have a strong urge to travel. In particular, I start dreaming about the beach or lake and some fun getaways with family and friends (Memorial Day weekend anyone?!). We had a taste of 70 degree weather last Saturday and it was pure bliss. I'm talking off the shoulder tops, dresses, sunglasses, and sandals! Every girl was going crazy with breaking out their new spring items. However, I then woke up on Sunday with a horrible cold... so now that I haven't been able to leave my bed I'm really really wishing for some sunshine and a tan!

psst... this board is shoppable - just click on the item you love!

I have been online window shopping like craaaaazy! I'm always updating my "SHOP" tab on Southern Anchors so you can stay up to date with my lust list there! I've linked some more of my beach wish list items below too :)

Love Always,

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

{dagne dover | bucket bag review}

Last month I got this gorgeous Dagne Dover Ava Bucket Bag for New York Fashion Week. I wanted something practical that would look good with everything and I could carry later on. I've always wanted a bag in this shape and loved the two-tone leather. Dagne Dover bags are known for their quality materials and great organizational pockets on the inside - perfect to help keep a girl-on-the-go keep everything in its place and not lose something (hotel key, lipstick, business card, etc.).

I've now carried this bag all over NYC and all over DC! To NYFW and then back home to work. It's held up wonderfully and I love how smart and sophisticated it is paired with a fun, youthful shape! The snaps allow me to open it up if I can't fit something in there and then close it easily to make it more structured. I love the lanyard that hooks to your keys so you never have to dig around. All of the pockets on the center piece make my must-haves right at my finger tips: cell phone, wallet, lipstick, and pen. This is particularly helpful when I'm getting on the bus and have to swipe my metro card because it's right there and then I can slide it back in place when I take my seat (this is a big A+ for a city commuter like me)!

Everything above is what I normally pack in my day-to-day bag. Sunglasses, reading glasses, business cards, lipsticks, perfume (from the Tadashi show!), spot cleaner, gum, etc... Basically, it packs a whole lot in there! I even carried my tennis shoes around during NYFW to change into between shows - I was not about to let all that nasty snow ruin another pair of suede shoes. Ugh. I guess the only thing not pictured are all of my snacks ;) I always have almonds and gummy bears on me. I'm always hungry so it was especially important while running around in NYC to have something quick to munch on if I was headed to a show!

This is my third Dagne Dover purse and I can't recommend it enough! Read my first review here. Do you have a Dagne Dover purse? Let me know if you have any questions - I'm happy to answer them!

Love Always,

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

{night time skin care routine}

Over the years I've learned that while keeping a tried-and-true skin care routine is helpful, my skin also needs a change up. I love trying new products and seeing what works best. Then I stick with it for a bit while still trying new things. My routine is always changing but these products are what I'm loving right now and honestly, I've never seen such a quick and dramatic difference in my skin!

M-61 Hydraboost Line Reducer c/o and M-61 PowerGlow Moisturizer c/o //
I went to an event at Bluemercury a couple of months ago and walked out with instructions on how to use these two products. I always test out products for at least two weeks before sharing them on the blog (or any social media for that matter) but ohmygosh I could have shared these with y'all the very next day!! I saw results instantly when I used them together! My skin felt tighter, smoother, and more radiant. I felt like I was glowing! I will buy and use these products for the rest of my life. I know that sounds insane but I mean it! After I wash my face I apply this serum all over my neck and face and then I moisturize with this product. 2-3 pumps for each, morning and night! If I need more moisture I add on this moisturizer since these are both super light.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Mask //
I've had this "mask" for awhile now and just re-fell in love with it (seen previously here). I've had some loooong days at work recently (I'm talking a lot of stress and hours where I don't have a chance to take care of myself). When I get home I don't have time for a bubble bath to relax because it's time to blog. Yes, I feel like I'm working two jobs most days :) Before I get started on blogging (writing or editing photos normally) I love to wash my face with this! It creates a whole mask of bubbles that are so entertaining to watch. It really livens up your skin! The thin layer of product you apply becomes activated with water and then it turns into a half inch of bubbles... it just makes me giggle every time!

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal & Fresh Soy Face Cleanser //
I've raved about this face wash before and I'm still utterly obsessed with it (last seen here along with the face mask). I use it every single night to take my makeup off! Seriously, every single night... I even bought a travel size because I love it that much - can't go without it. It takes all of my makeup off, even the waterproof mascara and eyeliner, the first go around. I don't use those makeup removing wipes anymore! I used one after this face wash to see if any residue was left over and nothing was there! Before I dry my face off after washing it I pour a little bit of this charcoal powder into my hand and create a super thin paste that I rub all over my face. The charcoal has a bit of texture so I get some exfoliating on my skin and it pulls out a lot of impurities. It leaves my face feeling brighter and squeaky clean!

It Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream //
Okay so this product I've only used for three days and fell in love instantly. It's not available until March 21st at It Cosmetics online and will be sold at Ulta  in April, but, I had to tell y'all right away so that you can put it on your radar! I am all about an under eye cream... my eyes get tired and puffy easily and I also have horrible dark circles under my eyes. The second I smoothed a thin layer onto one (yes, just one to test it) I noticed a difference. My right eye felt more awake and the circle under my eye was brighter!! I used this cream as a depuffer after a long weekend of drinking and partying with my family and looked like I had gotten a solid 9 hours of sleep! I should've known I would fall in love with it because the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream is my favorite moisturizer for dry spots or when I need an extra boost of moisturizer. Don't you love when you find a product you want to shout from the rooftops about?!

Love Always,

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

{turquoise & olive}

Photography by Laura

Olive Shirt // Turquoise Necklace // Cat Purse, old // Jeans // Wedges // Ray-Ban Sunglasses // Rose Gold Bracelet

I am allllll about the off the shoulder trend! I'm so happy that it's sticking around - last year I was obsessed too (check out these posts from last year: striped dress, green dress, light blue shirt, and embroidered shirt). There's something so feminine about showing off your shoulders. It's also such an easy way to begin transitioning into spring! Long sleeves and cute little ties right at the wrist make it comfortable while staying fashionable and just warm enough. I picked this shirt up from Lulu's at the end of last year and have worn it multiple times! It's my go-to going out shirt :) I love it paired with black pants and strappy heels as well!

What do y'all think about the off the shoulder trend. Yay or Nay?

Love Always,

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

{the app is here}

If you're a blogger then you've known this app was coming for some time now... however, we had no clue how awesome and easy it was actually gonna be! Shopping your favorite bloggers instagrams is now as easy as taking a screenshot. No, seriously, all you have to do is download an app and screenshot your favorite photos. This new technology is incredible. Don't worry - you can still "like and shop" the old way and get emails! I detailed all of that out in this blog post.

I'm breaking it down step by step below to help you (visually) know how easy this is!

Step 1 // Download the app, connect your Instagram to it and allow it to have access to your screenshots (it's only interested in the LTK enabled ones, don't worry)

Step 2 // Screenshot a post in Instagram. You'll then get a notification saying "your screenshot by @____ is ready to shop!"

Step 3 // Go shop it in the app!

Step 4 // Explore even more ready-to-shop photos from the Influencer you were just interested in by scrolling down on the photo past the product links. There's also a "discover" tab on the bottom right to find new accounts that you can shop (similar to the explore tab in Instagram)!

Step 5 // Keep all of your likes and screenshots in one place. It's like a mini shopping feed that you just created for yourself :)

A couple of things to note:
-Liking a photo will still populate your feed in your app AND it will send you an email. If you don't want to receive emails anymore you can change your settings through the website!
-Deleting a photo from your photo album won't delete it from your app's feed.
-This technology also works on Insta stories, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Facebook! Whenever you see the LTK icon in the bottom corner (it's the circle with a heart in it like the image below - it will be white or black), that's a visual cue that the photo is enabled through the app.
-If an Instagram photo doesn't have the watermark icon that's okay - it's still shoppable as long as it has the usual LTK trio ( #liketkit 

Still uncertain and confused? Go into your app to check out the "frequently asked questions" - click into the discover tab, tap on the little screw symbol on the top right hand side to get into settings and then scroll to the bottom (right above the log out button). It's super helpful! If you still have more questions check out this video that the LTK team put together! I always love a good visual aid :) and of course feel free to email me! I'm always here when I forget to tag an item or you need sizing help!

So what do you think of this new app? Are you excited? I think it will make shopping so much easier (and I love the idea of having everything in one place) but I'm curious to hear what y'all think!

Now let's all go to Instagram and test it out!! I have a new photo up that's showing off my two favorite new spring purchases ;) Screenshot it and see where they're from in the app!

Love Always,

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

{black lace}

Photography by Laura Lehman

Black Lace Tank Top, Target - not online (similar, similar) // J.Crew Gigi Pants // Sam Edelman Heels, old (similar, similar, similar) // Old Navy GreySweater // Clare V Clutch 15% off with code GOBIG17 (cheaper version) // Baublebar Earrings c/o // BaubleBar Ring // Daniel Wellington Watch // Bite Lipstick

Now that it's March, everyone (including myself) is dreaming of pastels and flowy dresses... but I'm still taking the opportunity to rock all black. The second I saw this top I knew I would love how it looked and I thought of multiple ways to style it. Paired with black jeans and a leather jacket, tucked into a pencil skirt with a colorful cardigan, or a colorful scarf wrapped around your shoulders with ripped jeans. It’s the perfect dress up or dress down tank - I knew I wanted to pair it with stilettos and a cozy cardigan first. Hello, date night look!

Did you see how I styled this silk tank while I was in NYFW?? Check it out here!

Love Always,
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