Tuesday, June 7, 2016

{summer beauty faves}

When summertime rolls around I love to try out new makeup and add in products to help with my summer skin!  I wear less makeup in the summer because my skin needs to breath more so finding a product that is easy and works double time is key. I've been trying out new things from a couple of places and I've quickly found some favorites.

Laura Geller Under Makeup Primer // This is my TOP choice of new favorites. It gives a pretty highlighter shimmer while helping your makeup stay set all day through heat and sweat! Bonus points because it has SPF. I now use this every day under my makeup as a face and under eye primer. There's no need for additional highlighters or illuminators because it has a dewy glow to it that really shows underneath. But don't worry - it's so incredibly subtle you don't notice it at first!

Laura Geller Baked Blush // A bit of bronzer and blush in one. Instead of using bronzer and blush this summer I've found this gorgeous combo to swipe across my cheeks. It gives a look of being sun-kissed while giving a pretty flush

Pixi Eyeshadow // Perfect neutrals with a little bit of sparkle and a rosy glow to help play up a tan! I love mixing these colors together for a smokey eye or classic look for the weekend.

Bare Minerals Lipstick // A pretty sheer shade that gives just a bit of color to your lips - plus it's ultra hydrating! I wanted to find something that gave me a slight flush but acted like a lip balm. This fits the bill perfectly!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream // I have never been a big lip gloss girl (okay, that's a slight lie since I was a lip gloss hoarder up until junior year of high school). I love my matte lipsticks a loot. So when I got this gloss I was tentative about how long it would last. This gloss is AMAZING! It turns matte after you put it on and the color really lasts! (Plus, the price can't be beat!)

H2O Oasis Hydrating Treatment c/o Mimi Chatter / It's exactly like it sounds... water for your face. I put this on after a long day in the sun and felt like I was getting a fancy spa treatment. A little goes a long way and the gel was so soothing. My face was instantly moisturized and felt five years younger.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser c/o Blue Mercury // I have always been under the belief that a face wash must have little micro beads in it to A) remove my makeup well and B) clean my pores thoroughly. I tried this face wash out the second I got it last week and was really impressed! Not only did it smell incredible (like roses) it removed all of my mascara and left my skin feeling really smooth. I ran a makeup removing wipe over my face after to see how well it worked and there was hardly anything left to remove... very impressive. This face wash is perfect for sensitive skin or if you got a sunburn and micro beads hurt!

Bliss Triple Oxygen Foaming Mask c/o Blue Mercury // This is probably THE coolest mask I have ever used!! When it said "foaming" on the label I assumed it just sudsed up like most face washes, etc. do. Oh no... this gel actually turned into a foam and created a layer over my skin!! I could see it getting bigger and then gradually start poppy! It was too fun to use. I noticed my pores were a bit smaller and skin felt tighter. (I like to use the Fresh Face Cleanser, then do a quick mask with this Bliss product and then go to bed with a layer of H2O Treatment.)

Have you tried any of these products? I've gotten so many of my friends hooked on the primer - if you try anything I've recommended definitely give that one a go! As always, let me know any beauty products you can't live without :) I love trying new things and switching up my routine every now and then! Especially ones that are great for summer skin!

Love Always,


  1. Oooh so many things I want to try! I'm loving the blush and cleanser!

    xo, Annie

  2. I want to try that H2O product so badly, need to pick it up.



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