Thursday, November 29, 2018

{red tuckernuck scarf}

A red silk scarf paired with the coziest sweater ever = match made in heaven!

How is everyone's week going after Thanksgiving? I feel like the week after having a couple of days off is always difficult. A full 5-day work week can just wear you out sometimes! I hope that's not just me?! I had a rough start to the week - I wasn't sleeping well and I hadn't heard from Kyle in a couple of days. He's out on patrol right now so our communication is limited to email. I think it's been a little bit harder for me this time because of the holiday season! I love doing all things festive and walking around to see the lights and decorations like we did last year together :) But, I just keep reminding myself that he'll be back by Christmas Eve!

Okay so now let's chat about this look...

I fell in love with this scarf in the summer and knew I needed one in seasonal colors too! It's so well made and the fabric is silky soft like butter. The fabric is lightweight (so you could wear it in the summer) but if you wrap it around your shoulders it can still keep a lot of warmth in! It's the perfect accessory to any casual or dressy look. The colors are so rich and vibrant that it can truly become the statement of an outfit. I love wearing it right now because it gives a bit of subtle Christmas cheer without being over the top!

Y'all have heard me rave about this sweater for weeks now... I know I've shared it on Instagram multiple times :) the chenille fabric is so soft (that's kind of the theme of this outfit hehe) and I like the boxy oversized fit of the sweater. I tucked it in in the front to give my waist some shape and character to the outfit. Paired with jeans and my OTK boots it's a grab and go outfit that makes you look very put together.

This scarf OR sweater would be the BEST Christmas gifts for anyone on your list!! My mom approves of the scarf (she bought a couple for friends) and my grandma bought the sweater with me ;) all ages approved!

Love Always,

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