Monday, November 26, 2018

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It's time for the season of parties and gift giving and merry making! Our gracious hosts deserve a little thank you for cooking delicious food and serving tasty cocktails. Showing up with a bottle of wine or assortment of cheese is wonderful but adding a simple personal touch really shows how grateful you are! My favorite party trick is to buy an ornament (an initial or something that reminds me of my friend) and hang it around the neck of a bottle of wine. A couple of the ornaments on my tree were "party tricks" from friends and I think of them every time I see it!

Cheese Markers - $26 // I fell in love with these the second I saw them! I love picking a variety of cheeses for my guests but have never found a cute way to label them. These little goat, cow, and sheep shapes say different things like "blue" or "stinky" on them as a cheeky way to let your guests know what they're tasting!

Marble Initial Wine Stopper - $19 // The perfect wine drinking accessory that every hostess will use for years! Picking out their initial (or last name initial for a newlywed) shows that you bought it just for them.

Capri Blue Candle - $21 // One of my favorite candles and this is a special edition jar - so gorgeous! I was given my first Capri Blue candle as a bridesmaid gift and I always keep one on hand bc the smell is just incredible.

Acacia Wood Cheese Board & Cheese Knives - $49 // If you have a mother or mother-in-law that loves to host this is a perfect present. I love that everything is kept together neat and safe so pulling a cheese board together quickly is easy! No searching for cheese knives!

Dinner Diaries Book - $50 // I was given this as a gift and have been fascinated reading through it. For someone who loves to throw parties it's really neat to see what others have done, their favorite appetizer, and even see photos that provide a glance into upscale dinners.

Serving Spoons - $26 // Simple, beautiful, and I feel like you always need classic serving spoons when family is over!

Beaded Monogram Ornament - $10 // Add this ornament onto a bottle of wine and you're doing double duty with a gift tag and a personalized touch!

Set of 3 Wine Phrase Totes - $18 // Keep one for yourself, give one to a host, and then the third to your mom for hosting the family Christmas dinner!

Decanter & Whiskey Glasses Set - $40 // I own this style of stemless wine and stemless champagne glasses and can't get enough of them (thanks Katie)! I use them year round and they are so gorgeous. I love that this comes in a set with the decanter - instant bar cart decor!

Copper Wine Charms - $9 // Never lose your glass with these adorable charms. I use them on my wine glasses so everyone knows which drink is theirs.

Set of 6 Napkins - $32 // Napkins that look cute in the kitchen, on the table, and help your host clean up - winning!

Variety Mask & Exfoliating Pad Set - $22 // You probably weren't expecting this on the gift guide. But after planning, cooking, and entertaining your host will be grateful for some R&R at the end of the evening.

Wood & Marble Coasters - $47 // Something that never goes out of style and looks good sitting out. I have one of these on each of my bedside tables for Kyle and myself!

Cheese Tool Set - $40 // When you have a lot of guests you have a lot of cheese... and always need more cutting tools than you realize ;)

Copper Champagne Stopper - $8 // I added this to my wish list this year! It's rare that I don't finish a bottle of champs but this is still nice to help keep those bubbles fresh while guests are refilling.

La Panier Two Section Server - $68 // I just think this is the most beautiful serving dish. Perfect for dips, crackers, or candies! I even think it would be stunning to use on a nightstand as a catch all for jewelry.

I'm sharing some more ideas listed below!

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