Tuesday, November 27, 2018

{prosecco brunch with girlfriends + gooseneck vineyards}

Two weekends ago I hosted a brunch for some of my blogger babes before we headed out to some VA wineries! I have never had all the girls over before (small space problems) so I knew it needed to be something easy to assemble versus lots of big platters of food or people coming in and out of my kitchen. One of my favorite types of food is Mexican so I instantly thought of tacos - but with a breakfast spin! Easy for everyone to create their own and it didn't take up a lot of space on the table. We all sat around my coffee table on the sofa and floor listening to music and made our tacos or egg plates while chatting.

What's the best drink choice with breakfast food? Bubbly! Everyone created their breakfast tacos and sipped on glasses of Gooseneck Vineyards! This may come as a surprise but I'm not a huge champagne fan. I find it to be too sweet normally, however, I absolutely looove this GV prosecco. It's so drinkable and pairs perfectly with anything (especially my bacon)! We started off by mixing some Orange Juice with it and then opted to drink it plain - too good!

Flour or Corn Tortillas
Scrambled Eggs
Mexican Cheese Mix
Bacon (I bake mine with honey and chili powder)
Green Onions
Salsa Verde
Greek Yogurt (instead of sour cream)
Hot Sauce (my favorite - Texas Pete's)
Red & Orange Peppers

Because we started the day off early I did a lot of prep the night before: chopped the peppers and green onions, pulled out all the dishes I needed, set the coffee table up, got out my pans, and laid out the bacon on my cookie sheet (kept it in the fridge obviously haha). Then the morning off I started by putting the bacon in the oven (after seasoning it), put everything in their assigned dishes, and put the peppers on the stove. When the girls started arriving I scrambled the eggs so they would be fresh and hot! I think the morning went off without a hitch :)

Y'all have to try Gooseneck Vineyards - you can find a location near you here. If you're in the DC area you can purchase at Potomac Wines & Spirits in Georgetown. You just have to ask them to order it for you!

Love Always,


  1. Such a fun morning! And LOVED all of your festive decorations!!

    Ashlee | www.cobaltchronicles.com

    1. I'm so glad you were able to make it!! Aw thank you :) it's so much fun to decorate during the holidays - I never want to take my tree down!
      xoxo, J


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