Tuesday, November 13, 2018

{chunky knit sweater + brown leather boots}

There's something about fall that just makes me reach for the biggest sweater to wrap up in...

The chunkier the better! I fell in love with this tan sweater the second I saw it - the thick knit texture and the little hearts that are all over it made me click "add to cart" so quickly I barely knew what was happening. I know some people scoff at pulling a sweater down over one shoulder but when the temperatures are cooler this is a fun way to show a little skin ;) I love when a sweater runs larger so that you have some breathing room to really give it your own personality. Paired with white jeans and riding boots it's the quintessential fall look. Some of y'all are thinking "omg white jeans?!" YES. When paired with warm colors it's the perfect way to bring out the richness of your leather boots and show off that gorgeous sweater.

Speaking of boots... I know that Tory Burch boots are on the pricier side. I own a black pair and a brown pair and they are easily my most worn boots to work, running errands, out for dinner, etc. They are 100% worth the investment because they fit incredibly well, keep their shape, and are so so so well made. If you're going to wear boots every season - then invest in a pair that will last you for years. I have had my black pair for almost 4 years and this brown pair for 2.5 and have never had to repair or resole them (yet - I will get new soles next year to keep them in perfect condition). I treat them with a leather sponge to keep the leather from cracking and extending their lifespan!

Love Always,

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