Wednesday, November 14, 2018

{on wednesday's we wear pink and drink babe rose}

Last weekend I had some of my DC girlfriends over to drink wine, hang out, and eat some yummy food! I've known all of these girls since college so whenever we get together it's a hoot - I never stop laughing!! Babe Rose sent me a bunch of their canned wine (so convenient and no worry about breaking glass!!) along with some amazing pink sweatshirts, shirts, hats, coozies, plates, cups, etc. so it was a no brainer that a party needed to happen! I'll take any excuse to host my friends and have them come over to finish off a great weekend! It was so hilarious to dress up in our swag and style all the pink. I think one of my favorite parts is seeing how differently each girl styled their clothes... Kaitlyn is super cool in her backwards hat and patchwork jeans and Alison looks like a celebrity with her felt hat and moto leggings! 

We hung out on my roof, told stories from the weekend, and just goofed off!! Once it started getting dark (and too cold) we brought all the food inside and polished everything off ;) don't let these photos fool you... we love our cheese boards! It was so easy to pick everything up because the wine was in cans and we could just tuck the 4-pack under our arms.

So what was on the menu with our tasty canned wine? Mini caprese bites, pigs in a blanket, gluten free chips and salsa + guacamole, fig and olive crisps, gluten free pretzels, and a cheese board to make any babe drool! The best part is assembling everything, baking the pigs in a blanket, and plating it all took around 30 minutes tops. I'm all about convenience here!! I bought all my groceries the day before and made sure I had a mix of finger foods for everyone. I also made a point to purchase vegetarian and gluten free options for my friends with allergies too!

The key to a good cheese board is layering your foods - start with placing the cheeses (I like to mix hard and soft cheese plus one sweet and one peppery), then add in fruit like grapes, lay out charcuterie, disperse nuts, and add any toppings like honey, pepper jelly, or jam in the holes next to the cheese it compliments!

This is probably more photos than I should have posted but I laugh every time I see them!! Having so many of my close friends live nearby is the best thing ever :) There's nothing better than making memories (how cheesy does that sound hehe) so it's special to have photographs of us just being ourselves!

Photography by Ashlee of Cobalt Chronicles

Love Always,


  1. Replies
    1. We laughed so hard haha oh my gosh!! I'm going to have to get one of these photos framed - such a great memorable day!
      xoxo, J

  2. I LOVE how the photos turned out! Y'all are so cute! And look like you're having so much fun!


    1. Thank you SO much for being our photog!!! We got even louder once we moved inside too haha didn't think it was possible ;)
      xoxo, J


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