Friday, November 30, 2018

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This list is so random... but that's kind of how browsing on Amazon goes, right? I've purchased everything from toilet paper to makeup on this dang site that we're all so obsessed with! But the thing with it is it's just addictive! It's like the shoppers version of Pinterest - you just can't stop clicking around! I've found some really cool, unique things for Christmas this year. Things I can guarantee you won't see on anyone else's gift guides :) [and if you do then I guess they have great taste haha]. 

Kopari Beauty Kit // I have seen every single person raving about Kopari products! They're made in the USA and with 100% organic coconut oil. This kit is the perfect way to test out some of their products before buying full size.

Pet Hair & Lint Remover // My mom and grandma have lint rollers in every purse, bathroom, closet, and even their cars. It's an obsession that has been passed down to me because I keep small travel lint rollers in all of my purses and my desk at work! However, I HATE having to buy refills when I run out... enter this little find when browsing for a solution on Amazon! This insaaaane creation requires no refills!

Travel Size Steamer // Another purchase that I've convinced every single person in my family to buy. They saw mine and how powerful it was and my mom and grandma made me order one for them on the spot - each (and they live together haha)!! I don't travel without this and it's so small I barely notice the space it takes.

Coffee Table Book // Kyle has this coffee table book and will actually sit there and read it. This is perfect for the guy in your life who is curious and likes doing things themselves. It's a nice touch to bring some masculinity to a coffee table if you live together ;) It lists basic things like getting red wine out of clothes, making your own detergent, and obviously how to split wood and shuck an oyster!

Travel Wine Cups // I received these cups from Kyle's parents last year and use them all the time! They're perfect for a picnic, drinking wine in your all white bed (oops), and even going on a walk with a friend! I plan on using them on the boat next summer to keep cocktails cold!

Marble Oil Diffuser // Oil diffusers are all the rage this year! Some of them are kind of ugly looking (sorry) so I instantly fell for this marble looking one. Would be so chic sitting on a kitchen counter!

Chefman Immersion Blender Set with Attachments // I have wanted an immersion blender for years now... this is at the top of my wish list right now! There's something amazing to me about homemade soups and I am ready to take on the task!! Plus the attachments have a spiralizer!

Portable Charger // My phone always dies. It's never fully charged. My portable charger is never charged. You can see the dilemma I run into.. this one can charge your phone up to 7 times AND it can charge two devices at once - hello, make a friend everywhere you go and save someone's life #dramatic. I also like that it shows how much charge is left. The number of times that feature could have saved me ha

Echo Smart Speaker // This is an INSANE speaker with Alexa!! So you get two in one! Keep this in your kitchen and you can ask for help with recipes, measurements, etc. It's amazing everything this little thing can do. So powerful!

Sphere Ice Molds // I love the easy design of these. Perfect for the cocktail lover in your life!

Reusable Snack/Sandwich Baggies // I was given these maybe 5 years ago and I still use my original ones! I've even purchased more since I'm always packing snacks for work! It's a simple way to help the environment and cut back on plastic. They're also dishwasher safe!

Ice Scraper Mitt // If you know... you know... scraping ice is cold and miserable. This glove makes it a little easier!

Smart Plug with WiFi // I'm dying for one of these so that I can tell Alexa/Google Home/Echo/Whatever else to turn my lights on when I walk in the door. This would be great for parents who are getting older!

Hair Tie Bracelet // For those ladies who always have a hair tie on their wrist with unsightly elastic marks from it being too tight! This is perfect to keep a necessary item on your wrist in a stylish way!

Brush Washing Mitt // This is only $6 and you'll want to wash your makeup brushes every week! It's a really great habit to get into to protect yourself from bacteria.

Jade Roller // One of my favorite morning and night routines is using a jade roller on my face to help with puffiness. It's a great way to help your skin soak up your moisturizer and it's super relaxing. Kind of like a facial treatment at home! This one comes with a piece of jade that's perfect forgetting your under eye area.

Electric Crackling Wood Log Fireplace // One of my college friends posted about this and I instantly looked it up to do some research. This LOOKS like a real fire and crackles like one but you just plug it in!! I was truly amazed... so many people are scared to light fires because of their chimney! This gives you everything a real fire does minus the heat ;)

I have even MORE ideas on my Amazon shop page - be sure to head HERE to check it out. I'll be updating it as I shop on Amazon for Kyle's family this year :)

Love Always,

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