Thursday, December 13, 2018

{putting together a christmas outfit from your closet}

Photography by Chloe

Red Button Down (old - similar linked below) // Faux Fur Vest, TJmaxx (old - similar here!) // Black Pants // Aldo Black Booties // Gigi New York Purse c/o // Baublebar Tassel Earrings

Before we dive into today's post... thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your kind words yesterday. I'm truly so appreciative to have the support from so many of you. I can't put into words how much it means to me.

Today's post doesn't have exact links to every single thing I'm wearing (just a couple) and that's because I want you to feel inspired to create a "christmas-y" outfit from your own closet!! I've had this shirt and vest for years! The trick is combining a little bit of festive flair with some glam. These are the steps I take whenever I'm "shopping in my closet" for an outfit!

First let's create the base - grab your best pair of black pants. Then grab your favorite black shoes... these could be leather boots, flats, high heels, suede booties, black slip on sneakers, etc! You want to create a monochromatic bottom so that you can really just make the top festive!

This red button down obviously has the holiday appeal when you look at it - it's red, plaid, and is made up of christmas colors. So take a look in your closet. Do you have a red shirt? Do you have any cute plaid button downs? Do you have a simple green sweater? Great! Add that over your monochromatic base. If you don't have green or red or plaid or whatever, find your nicest white or black sweater/shirt! Make sure it's wrinkle free and clean :)

Then we want to move on to the fun accessory - the accent to your top. I chose this black faux fur vest because it's super warm and I wanted to break up my red top a bit and stick with the monochromatic appeal. There are lots of things you can add (adding something else makes it look like you put more time into your outfit in my opinion) like a scarf, a sweater over your button down, a poncho, or a vest like me. To keep things simple stick with neutral colors like black, white, or tan. If you have a red scarf that would be perfect to amp up the festiveness! If your top isn't patterned you can obviously add a patterned scarf (maybe a plaid one? So festive!)

Now all you have to do are add a cool pair of earrings or some jewelry. For me, it was a no-brainer to add white tassel earrings. I wear these year round and I liked that they broke up the all black to draw attention to my face. Something as simple as studs would help keep your outfit casual but you could also do dangly, sparkly earrings or a long gold necklace. The jewelry is just the icing on the cake!! Everything else will look polished and the earrings can become the statement.

Simple enough right? Told ya so!

Love Always,

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