Tuesday, December 4, 2018

{winery day with dca car service}

The blogger girls: Kristyn, Katie, Ashlee, Laura, and Monica

A couple of weekends ago I planned a trip to the Virginia Wineries with my best DC blogger girls! We're always so scheduled so making time to be together and just chat about life was such a great escape from our busy day to days. We started off the morning with a brunch at my house complete with mimosas and breakfast tacos before gathering all of our cheese, muffins, and crackers for lunch later on.

Going out to wineries is easily my favorite weekend activity (I know you've heard me say this before). There's something so relaxing about escaping the city, sitting back to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and just being able to catch up with friends. It's so neat to meet the owner's of these unique wineries and hear the love they dedicate to their craft - the names behind each wine, designs of the label, what food they like to pair with their wines, etc. It's truly a learning experience with each winery I get the chance to visit.

I was in charge of scheduling the day so I picked two wineries that the majority of us hadn't been to (which was hard since we have all been to a lot)! I also wanted to make sure that they were two different styles of wineries and that they were close together - so we could maximize our time at each location versus spending it in a car. Luckily for me, there are more wineries in an hour radius from DC than I can list. A lot of them are 10 minutes away from each other.

So now you're probably wondering how we managed to get 6 girls with all of their cameras and a lot of food into one car? DCA Car Service, aka the best part of the whole day - we didn't have to worry about driving! We had a wonderful driver, John, take us out to Virginia to visit our two chosen wineries and then back home at the end of the day. We rode in style in a big black SUV that comfortably seated all 6 of us. It was even stocked with mints and water! John had all of the directions to and from our two planned stops so we simply had to bring our things to the car and he did all of the work; including opening and closing our doors - he was a true gentleman. We never had to worry or wish for a thing.

I bet you didn't know that DCAcar can not only take you out to your favorite winery but also to Reagan National AirportBWI Airport, and even Dulles Airport!  With the holidays coming up quickly I will be using their services to get myself and my family to and from the airports. Forget those surge prices that happen every time you need to get to the airport ha! My mom and mimi already have their rides booked because the driver will help them with their luggage :) [if I had a dollar for every time an Uber driver didn't even offer to help me with my heavy suitcase - ha!]

Our first winery of choice was Zephaniah. This place came recommended to me by a friend who works in the design industry! He said it's his favorite spot to enjoy a bottle by the fire with his boyfriend because it was full of charm and history. Sold! We loved getting to meet the adorable owners, hear how their great great grandfather Zephaniah started the business and the history of each room that you could enjoy in the historic house. The labels were designed with every detail in mind including the font being representative of certain eras. We even got a special tasting of a reserve wine and their homemade mulled wine... bought those spices faster than you can say "happy holidays"!

Our next stop was a more well-known, popular winery, Greenhill. It's a fan favorite amongst winery hoppers in Virginia! I hadn't been to visit since they redid their main tasting room and wow, it is absolutely stunning. The whole building is filled with clean white walls, gorgeous lights, and an assortment of seating arrangements. There were so many people sitting outside enjoying the patio in Adirondack chairs and picnic tables. Luckily the wind had died down by the time we arrived so we chose a table in the sun and set up all of our food. Greenhill allows outside food but only on their patio or terrace - this was fine with us because it was such a welcome weather change to be able to enjoy the sun! We bundled up, ate all of our food and enjoyed a tasting together. It starts off with sparkling wine so we toasted to friendship [a tradition of ours] and all of the great things to come :)

When the evening had to come to an end we gathered all of our things, John (from DCA Car) helped us load up the car, and we were whisked back to DC in our chariot full of wine and delicious food. I'm so grateful to have met these incredible ladies and call them some of my best friends. We know so much about each other, share in each others victories like new jobs, console each other through hard times, and even know each other's significant others and hilarious dating stories. The internet may seem like a big, weird place but it's given me some pretty cool friends!

I'll be sharing all of my outfit details in tomorrow's post so stay tuned :)

*Thank you to DCAcar Service for providing us transportation. All thoughts, words, photos, and opinions are my own.*

Love Always,


  1. Looks like such a fun outing with your friends and what great car service!

    xx, Elise

    1. It was the epitome of a perfect day! DCA Car truly made everything beyond perfect!
      xoxo, J


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