Thursday, December 6, 2018

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With a pretty strong workout schedule going this month I have definitely found what I like and don't like in the gear department. I've added a couple of these items to my wish list because I know they will make my life easier (resistance bands) or step up my gym swag a couple of notches (cute sports bras). I love to wear black leggings and then colorful tops with my favorite white sneakers. I've also realized the importance of having some basic things in your gym bag so you can always be prepared! If you're going to schedule out your classes and focus on what you're eating and putting into your body you should take some time to focus on how you show up to class too - in style! If you dress the part and take yourself seriously then you're more likely to stick to your goals because you believe in yourself! At least, that's what's worked for me :)

Old Navy Leggings // These are easily some of the best low price but high quality leggings I've ever owned. They are so amazing that I own around 8 pairs and am always ordering more (they go on sale for under $20 pretty often)! I love the style with the mesh panels - such a cool touch. Work out clothes should be fun and these leggings definitely check that box! I've really only tried out the black color but they aren't see through and they don't show sweat. Even better is that they don't fall down!!!

S'Well Water Bottle // A classic water bottle that keeps your water cold through the whole workout. The stainless steel is easy to clean and I love this stone pattern!

Garmin Smart Watch // I saw this watch on Instagram and have been absolutely obsessed with it since that day - I went and tried it on at Target even!! It looks like a regular watch but it's actually a smart watch!!! It shows you your steps, tracks calories burned, workouts, etc! It does everything a "regular smart watch" does but in a fashionable way without being in your face. Obviously, this is at the top of my wish list!

Carbon38 Takara Leggings // Another item at the top of my wish list... the infamous C38 Takara leggings. A cult favorite!! I own these in a silver grey and it feels like a second skin - they're so thin (not see through though) and comfortable you feel like you aren't wearing pants. I'm dying for the black pair!!

Mario Badescu Facial Sprays // My skin always gets super dry after working out and the face wash at the gym isn't too great. I love to keep a hydrating and refreshing face spray in my gym bag for quick touch-ups! Especially if I'm walking home after a class my skin needs some instant moisture.

Gym Bag // I found this Adidas bag on Amazon yesterday and was instantly intrigued by a couple of things. The price was so reasonable , there are tons of color options (for gals or guys too!), and lastly all of the pockets! It was 2 outsides pockets, a small interior zipper pocket for catching "small things" as it's labeled, and the best part is it has a dedicated zippered pocket for your shoes! Hello, genius! I always place my shoes on the bottom of the bag bc of the dirty soles! This eliminates all those problems. I just think this is the best workout bag on the market - for $30!

Fabric Resistance Bands // Okay you're probably thinking I put this on here because they're cute. Well, yes, they're adorable but they're also fabric!! So they won't roll and won't pull at your skin. I like to travel with resistance bands so I can get a strong workout completed in my hotel room if the hotel gym is less than ideal. However, I'm one of those people that always struggles with the rubber band rolling up and moving on my legs - these solve that issue.

Forever 21 Sports Bra // I like my sports bras to be cute and I don't like to spend a lot of money on them... I find that I wash my workout clothes more than anything in my closet. The majority of my sports bras (even nicer ones) don't last too long. So I opt for low budget bras in super cute colors ;) this one is only $10

Dagne Dover Pouch // The perfect, durable pouch to hold catch-alls in your gym bag! I keep extra hair ties, travel deodorant, bobby pins, makeup remover wipes, chapstick, and facial spray in mine.

Under Armour Shoes // The best running shoes I have ever owned. I wear these to Blast every single time because I feel like I'm running on a cloud. They have great support for the top of your foot when you're lifting weights and doing squats too. I've worked really hard to keep them pristine white but it honestly hasn't been that difficult - the fabric used is so amazing and breaths better than any shoe I own. I can feel the breeze coming through the top of my foot - so incredible!

Collagen for Her // I add a scoop of this to my shake every morning - it helps with nail and hair growth and reducing cellulite! As you get older your body makes less of this naturally... I'll take all the help I can get. Fun fact the owner is a Hokie! So she's given y'all a discount for 10% off with code JENNROG! You can get a container or individual packets if you travel a lot - so convenient!

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