Friday, December 14, 2018

{gift guide | amazon finds #2}

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I know this list is really random just like the last one! BUT y'all loved these fun, unique finds so I went searching for even more! I can guarantee you that you won't find these items on any other blogger's gift guides ;) They're perfect for everyone in your life: dog lover, party animal, movie watcher, sustainable guru, etc. Amazon is so addicting so be sure to check out my Amazon "Christmas Present Idea" page because I have over 70+ more gift ideas!

Monogram Wine Cork Holder // I always save corks from special date nights and memories! I picked up on that habit from my parents - they have corks saved from when they first started dating! My sister made me a shadow box that holds corks but it's almost full. I love that this creates a shape... how perfect would this be for your friend who just got married?

Wine Wars Game // Any thing that has to do with wine and games - sign me up!

Popcorn Maker // I have attempted to make popcorn on the stovetop and just can't do it. This little popcorn maker is not only adorable but the perfect way to get that perfectly buttered movie theater popcorn! This takes movie nights to a whole new level :) extra butter, please!

Corki Wine Stopper // My best friend Emily got this for me earlier this year and it's my favorite wine stopper! Y'all know I'm obsessed with corgis so this little guy peaking out of the bottle just makes me smile! His little legs hanging in the bottle are too precious.

Underwater Dogs Coffee Book // A coworker introduced this photo series to me almost 5 years ago - she had it as her desktop background and I cracked up every time I came over to her desk and saw it. This is perfect for the dog lover in your life! Dare I say it's even one of those coffee table books that you artfully want to leave open on your table haha!

Geometric Vases // Everyone likes to bring a little green to their desk at work - it can be so drab sitting at a blank white desk all day. These geometric vases come in a variety of sizes and I love the gold on this base.

Giant Yard Pong // Move over frisbee! This is THE new beach game I want! I know everyone of all ages will get a kick out of this massive pong set. It's priced really well at under $40 too!

Double Jewelry Tray // I love beautiful ways to display jewelry. I always say if it's not out where I can see it then I won't wear it! This double tray is a great way to maximize space on your dresser as well.

Eberjey Pajamas // My girlfriend Andrea gave me a pair of Eberjey pajamas as a bridesmaid gift and I lived in them all summer! They are the softest things I own and the piping is too cute on the edges.

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit // For all of those amazing pet owners who adopted their fur baby! This is the 23 & Me version for dogs ;)

Salt & Pepper Shakers // I wasn't sure what these were when I first scrolled by them... but the palm tree and Christmas tree combo caught my attention and I had to click. When I discovered that the salt was supposed to be snow and the pepper was sand I cracked up. They look like little snow globes! Adding this to my list right now haha

Stainless Steel Straws // I use my stainless steel straw all the time and it's the best way to save the planet and the turtles haha. So great that it comes with the cleaner too!

Don't forget to check out my Amazon page for more present ideas!

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