Tuesday, December 30, 2014

{post holiday plaid}

Stripes and plaid… look familiar? I'm a sucker for this combo.

Photography by Emily Smalling

I've worn so much red this season that I can't help but to keep craving it in my outfits. I love this scarf because it still feels like the holidays to me without screaming "oh my god Santa! I know him!" hehe I'm still feeling festive and in the Christmas spirit so I lean towards warm and cozy with a lot of rich colors. I actually got my sister this exact scarf for Christmas because I wear mine so often! (I had to wait to post this until after the holidays so she wouldn't know!) It's fun to pair it with stripes but I'm still experimenting with other pattern combos. I guess you could easily say stripes are a neutral in my wardrobe - perhaps because I wear black so often and it just goes with everything? Hmm. Sounds like a 2015 resolution in the making…

I was back at work yesterday and am in the office today. It's so hard switching from vacation mode to work mode that quickly. Especially because I'll be off Wednesday through Friday to celebrate NYE with my friends! Does anybody have fun plans?! We're staying local and have rented out a restaurant! I'm beyond excited!!

Love Always,

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