Wednesday, December 3, 2014

{holiday gift guide: for you}

I keep getting asked what I want for Christmas… I'm normally not very good with figuring out what I want this early (I'm slightly last minute with pinning down what I want/need) so I thought it would be fun to put together a list for what YOU could ask for! These could be gifts from your sister, mom, dad, boyfriend, significant other, BFF, you name it! I normally try to help my family out with what to get me because apparently "I'm soooo hard to shop for". Really? Just buy me something sparkly, leopard, or a pair of shoes and I'm happy ;) So I make a wish list! If something is pushing the budget (aka I'm getting only one present) I always make sure it's something I know I would get a lot of wear out of (ex: Hunter boots or the Gigi New York "Jenn Bucket Bag"). I always include some fun items like a DVD, lipstick, or a new pink sweater (those are all on the actual list I'm giving my family including the wine glasses, perfume, contour kit, notepad, and boot liners in case you're curious)!

The fun part about "Wish Lists" are they can be a little outlandish and over the top… I've been in love with that Maya Brenner initial necklace for awhile but it's pricey (by my standards at least!) A girl can dream right? HELLO iPad?! haaaa
Remember… everyone has different budgets and I think "look alikes" are incredible. That's why these are such a wide variety of prices for gift ideas… you don't need expensive gifts to be happy I'm just a dreamer and then I know what to start saving for!

But Mom, seriously… I need that portable charger, please!

What's on your Christmas list this year?!
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Love Always,


  1. I've been DYING for the NARS Lipstick in 'Heat Wave'.. definitely on my list!! I've seen the Bando iPhone charger online, but never in pink.... love!

    xo min

    1. My coworker wore the NARS yesterday and I oohed and ahhed all over again! If Santa doesn't bring it on Christmas I'm going to have to order it for myself. It's the best red-orange and I mainly have red-pinks! Who doesn't need a pink charger ;)

      xoxox, Jennifer


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