Wednesday, December 10, 2014

{gift guide | for him}

Okay ladies. I've compiled THE hardest person to buy gifts for… those hunks in your life. Guys never know what they want and if they do then they sure don't tell ya! I always think long and hard about what to give my dad, brother and boyfriend and it never gets easier. So to help YOU out I give you…. THE list!

One of the easiest things about gift giving for guys though? They like the practicality in things. Shoes they will wear in snow and rain. Gloves they can wear to work and still be able to send that email. Beer glasses for hanging out with friends. Travel bags for packing easily for a work trip. No fuss, no nonsense. Take the drama and worry out of it and just get him something you know he will wear every day. (Hmm maybe I should take my own advice and stop worrying if my boy will like what I get him?) Moral of the story: if it's a gift from you… He will love it.
Dads and brothers and boyfriends just appreciate the thought (seriously).

What are you getting for the guys in your life?
No… but really… I can always use more ideas ;)

Love Always,

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