Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{10 NYE Tricks}

Happy NYE!! Does everyone have their dress ready? I had a bit of a freakout moment last night (typical girl fashion) when my roomies and I were all showing each other our dresses and I realized mine is just plain black… it's not a bad thing I was just unable to find some really incredible sequined dress or fabulous detailed dress (which I had really wanted). Sooo I was brainstorming this morning about ways to spice up my look for NYE and thought I would share because I'm sure you ladies need some additional ways to spice up a LBD ;)

1. Big Eyelashes

This is my favorite thing to do for a night out… your best feature is always your eyes or your smile so play it up! Bat those eyelashes to get a midnight kiss ;)

Image via Pinterest

I lone how they used white eyeliner to make the eyes seem even bigger!

2. Red Lip

Need I say more? You guys know that this is my go-to beauty move. I love any bright color but especially a red lip. Like I said earlier… your eyes and your lips are the two best features to play up!

photo by Emily Smalling
Lip color is "Raisin' Rage" by Revlon

3. Sparkle Eyeliner

Why not… It's NYE! This is the perfect time to break out the glitter and sparkle (just don't go over the top and wear sparkle everywhere! Use it sparingly and to make an impact not to turn in to a disco ball.)

4. A New Hairstyle

I always do big curls but have been toying with the idea of an up-do for tonight. I found this inspiration on Pinterest and love how easy it is. Wear a headband and begin tucking your hair up and into it repeating like a crown until you get to the nape of your neck and then finish off with a bun. I love this with a gorgeous back line!

Image via Pinterest

5. Sassy Heels

Just make sure that they're comfortable to dance in!

6. Self Tanner

It's winter, I'm pale, and I'm in a black dress. Yeah. This is definitely in my book of tricks.
I have two favorite brands. This one from Sephora and this one is from Victoria's Secret.

7. Smokey Eyes

I'm horrible at this… Pinterest tutorials are my favorite!! I also loooove following Casey Holmes' YouTube videos!

8.  Big Earrings

The best way to draw instant attention to your face is with some big sparkle.

9. Fresh Manicure

Treat yourself. It's about to be a new year! I love this manicure with the nude color, gold sparkle and pretty gold strips. Being well groomed from head to toe really makes me feel put together. Plus, it's fun being a girl and getting dressed up :)

Image via Pinterest

10. SMILE!

Just have fun really… and take pictures! Last year I barely took any. This year I'm going to be better about taking pictures with my friends. I love looking back on everything from the past year and remembering all of the fun we had :)

WOW has this year flown by… a lot has happened and a lot to come for this lady here y'all! I  can't wait to start 2015 with everyone :) Thanks for following along and supporting me every step of the way. It means more than I could ever put into words! XOXO

Love Always,

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