Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{reasons to smile}

Ever have one of those days where everything seems to hit you at once from multiple facets of your life? That's been me the past two days (epitome of a sensitive girl here, y'all). I was on the phone with my mom last night and she gave me two pieces of advice... 1) Don't forget that everyone is going through something. You never know what's happening behind closed doors. 2) Find something to smile about. #smartmomma

Because I believe that happiness is contagious I figured what better way to try and lift my spirits and possibly someone else's by sharing my {current} list of totally random things that make me smile. I try to write them down in my phone on the notepad app whenever I think of something new...
Happy Wednesday, friends!

1. a hot cup of tea in the morning
2. cool summer breeze with the sun shining
3. learning something new
4. the perfect bowl of macaroni and cheese
5. knowing this too shall pass
6. drawings from my nephew
7. hearing people love to see how you're doing
8. catching up with an old friend
9. knowing nothing has changed with that friend
10. mint leaves in water
11. getting those heels 70% off
12. being genuinely complimented by a stranger
13. seeing a homeless man smile simply because it's a beautiful day
14. careful details on a pair of men's suede shoes
15. watching a new mom hold her baby
16. free chocolate chip cookies
17. seeing a couple hug each other
18. knowing your support systems extends farther than you can reach
19. a friend doing a favor and putting your worries at bay
20. uncorking a bottle of wine after a long day
21. the bachelorette finale (yes.)
22. smell of fresh, sourdough bread
23. a glimmer of hope in the unexpected future
24. somebody offering you a hug
25. phone calls late in the night simply to be reminded you are loved
26. picture texts of my kitty
27. a perfectly cooked egg
28. telling someone you miss them and knowing one day you won't have to
say that on the phone every night
29. freshly washed sheets
30. working late and seeing a project all come together perfectly
31. the sound of waves crashing
32. laughter
33. watermelon in the summer
34. new shows on netflix
35. snuggling
36. puppy kisses
37. college football days
38. walking around the city with nothing to do
39. holding hands
40. queso, chips, and margaritas

That's all I have on my list right now :) I'd love to hear what everyone has on theirs as well!
I hope your day is filled with laughter and you're surrounded by people who love you!

Love Always,

my kitty, Thumper

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