Friday, July 18, 2014

{travel attire}

When I travel via car I normally throw on a pair of leggings and a big t-shirt (normally an old sorority v-neck haha). However, I don't own a car so I travel via Amtrak or plane these days! I tend to leave straight from work, hop on a train, and then go straight out in the same clothes. So I have to be strategic in picking out clothes that will transition well and not wrinkle from sitting for a while.  I always gravitate towards a cotton dress.  This outfit is what I wore the other weekend when I took a train to Richmond to meet up with the boy!

I wore this dress with a necklace and heels at work then switched into my chucks and put on a scarf (so that if I got cold on the train I could put it over my legs or arms).  Then when I got to Richmond I put on some sandals and my favorite necklace and was ready to grab dinner and walk around town! So versatile!

I've been seeing the "16 hour day" talked about a lot. I know a lot of people that dress for this type of lifestyle, myself included sometimes! Piperlime has recently worked with Courtney Kerr and Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies for this type of dress... Their takes on this style are linked!
One of my favorite things about blogging is gathering inspiration from others. I'm on a budget so seeing different ways to style the same piece has always been a favorite of mine! (If you're gonna spend money on something you want to get good use out of it!)

Love Always,


  1. it's nice to have a dress that you can style so many ways. I loved the scarf with it!

    1. multi-function is key in my wardrobe!! Thank you so much :) xoxo!


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