Thursday, July 3, 2014

{favorite prints}

I've always loved a gallery wall and a good graphic print.
I have a gallery wall over my bed but it's primarily canvases I've painted and pictures from my travels abroad. A graphic print is the best way to punch up a big blank wall or simply spice up an empty bookshelf. Below are some of my favorite shops to browse through! I am the proud owner of two of them :)

Drew Ellis
I went to school with this kid and jeez... he is seriously talented! Unfortunately, his work isn't for sale YET! I can't wait to see everything new he comes up with.

My sister gave me this for Christmas and it was my first Inslee piece!
I have it framed on my bookshelf... such a looker!

This print is called "Blackout" aka my winter wardrobe

Purchased this one recently for my bathroom!

Dying to purchase one of these... so colorful and lively!
She does tons of city scenes... even custom orders!

Are there any other print stores that you like to browse? Which is your favorite?

Love Always,

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