Thursday, July 24, 2014

{nordstrom sale}

It has taken everything in me to not purchase everything on my wish list from this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Y'all… IT. IS. GOLD.  I've always had a hard time buying stuff for Fall in the Summer time but I can see the point. Especially when all of it is on sale like this! I guess I'm still loving the sunshine (note: NOT the humidity) and sandals, sundresses, rompers and bikinis :)  Those boots though. Come to Mama! Aren't they beautiful? I told my roomies that I was making this list my virtual closet. I just wish I could photoshop myself into that leather theory jacket with some hot over the knee boots (plus that M.A.B. tote for a pop)!

Craving for Fall:
Nude makeup
Gold accessories
Bright blue bags
Detailed pumps
Leather boots
Long Sweaters
Leather-sleeved Coats

Prices go back up on August 4 so make sure to at least grab everything you need want by Sunday!
What's everyone else craving for Fall? Thanks for reading!

Love Always,


  1. Replies
    1. I don't know how I haven't spent my entire life savings!! I'm working some serious self-restraint here because there are some BEAUTIFUL things! xoxo!


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