Wednesday, May 13, 2015

{my favorite lipsticks}

I don't know how many times I've promised to list my favorite lipsticks but FINALLY here it is: my top 6 all time favorite lipsticks!

Left to right:

One of the most amazing things about lipsticks is that they always look different on everyone because of your natural lip color. You can also layer a lipstick on to give it more of a muted or intense color! Below are pictures of each lipstick on… you can tell that the NARS "dolce vita" looks a lot different! That's one of my favorites to layer up - I can make it look really neutral and sheer or have a soft pink glow.

If I purchase a matte lipstick (meaning one with no shine) I prefer a bold, bright color. I want it to make a statement and not make my lips look flat and lifeless. I'm not a fan of matte, nude lipsticks on my lip shape! I used to always buy Revlon lipsticks (and still do since it's one of my favorites) but have found that higher quality lipsticks truly do last longer. NARS "heat wave" will last me from my morning tea all the way through lunch. I'm not kidding… I could eat a sandwich and I would still have some lippie on - it's fabulous!

I have a variety of lipsticks but I always stick with pink hues - "heat wave" is the only lipstick I have with an orange hue but I adore it. I haven't been able to find one that looks as great as it does! "Impassioned" never fails to earn compliments. I think the intense neon color really draws attention to your face and makes your teeth look super white (oops, smiling with my mouth closed haha). If you're more of a neutral girl I highly recommend NARS "dolce vita", MAC "see sheer" (not pictured), and Clinique "mega melon" (also not pictured) - all three colors are very moisturizing and give a soft pink glow to make your lips appear fuller without standing out and making a statement!

Again… I have a lot of lipsticks!!! It's a hobby hehe :) I recently got this organizer ($8) the other weekend and it's helped me see how many lipsticks I actually have. It not only persuades me from unnecessarily buying more (buy one, get rid of one) but it also allows me to rotate through them and mix things up a bit! But let's get real… when you find something that works, you stick with it!

photography by Emily Smalling

What's your favorite color? Do you have a go-to brand that you wear every day?
I'd love to hear any suggestions you have!!

Love Always,

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  1. Is there a color you can't pull off?! Geezzz lady, you look gorgeous in all of them!! So jealous! Need you to help me find one shade that I actually look good in, ha! Xo

    Primp and Proper


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