Thursday, May 28, 2015

{staying organized with giddy paperie}

If there's one thing I wish I could still do at the end of every summer it would be buying new school supplies! I know I'm not the only one ;) I love making lists, putting things in their proper place, and keeping organized! [With the exception of my room right now… I really dislike unpacking and switching out my winter for summer clothes. Ugh.]

With so many different trips, events and things to do this summer I have to stay on top of my lists and expenses. Giddy Paperie came to the rescue with this adorable "Pretty Paperclip Desk" set (℅)! Mini monogrammed folders, notecards, and a notepad - yes, please. 

These folders are by far my favorite. I use them for coupons (small), receipts (medium), and bills or paperwork (large). I used to shove all of my receipts into my wallet but now I carefully sort everything out and am sure to save the ones I need. The folders fit perfectly in my planner too.

I am a coupon queen so having a place to keep them allows me to quickly run to CVS and know right where my $5 off coupon is! The word "bills" makes me shudder every time but it's a huge part of my life… I have lovely student loans and living/eating in DC ain't cheap. Add in a shopping addiction and it can add up. I am huuuuge on balancing my budgets so I always keep my bills - and the tallied up costs - with me. If I really want to buy new shoes or splurge on a meal then I double check my budgeted list for the month (wow, that makes me sound like a crazy person). I'm not perfect and I probably eat out more than I should but it helps to stay on top of things.

One thing I learned early is to always send thank you notes right away and that the gift of a hand written note should never be underestimated. I actually have a stash of various notecards in my closet so that I always have one for the right occasion. My favorite cards to store away are "thinking of you" or "I love you" notes to send to my guy… long distance ya know ;) I can't get over the paper clips on these Giddy Paperie ones contrasted with the sassy Oh La La! A couple girlfriends have already gotten these in the mail reminding them that they're rockstars hehe!

I used to follow the "Thank You Note Rule" but haven't been so great about it recently… Don't use/wear/enjoy a gift until the thank you note has been written and sent off in the mail! It really works, y'all! If you received an adorable pair of earrings and instantly started wearing them out you could forget about saying thank you! But, if you didn't let yourself wear them until the note was written… then I guarantee ya you would write it instantly so you could put on those new jewels!

Speaking of jewels… Does anybody else have to take their bracelets off to write a note? I layer on the baubles but have to strip them off before I handwrite something. It's a way to get myself to focus! How gorgeous is my coordinates bracelet from Knox Thomas Designs (℅)? It's the location of my parent's house in Baltimore where I lived! [Yes, another coordinates - I'm an addict!]

Last, but not least, the jewel of the group: the to-do list notepad!!!! If I had a stack of these brain savers everywhere I went I think my life would get infinitely better. I make lists every day, three times a day. It's the only way I can stay organized at work and home. Grocery lists, blog outfits, work tasks, people to email, upcoming events, presents to buy, people to follow through with, etc. etc. etc. I especially adore that at the end of the pad you get rewarded… TA DA!! This one has the most coveted spot in my room - my bedside table :) I am constantly waking up in the middle of the night with ideas or having trouble falling asleep so this serves as a "catch-all" for my brain!

Be sure to check out Giddy Paperie note cards and notepads! They also have adorable prints and phone covers! Thank you Giddy Paperie for making my organized life a bit more fun :)

Love Always,

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  1. Such cute stuff!! Love the to-do notepad, so fun!!! Your to-do list looks a lot like mine, ha! Xo

    Primp and Proper


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