Wednesday, May 20, 2015

{work wear for this humid air}

I've got a little work wear post for y'all today…

Photography by Rachel Brennan

Happy Wednesday! It is humid as all get out in DC right now… between the thunderstorms and summer heat rolling in it's impossible to escape it. I've been getting in to work earlier just to avoid a couple of degrees as the sun rises!! My quick fix for work? A light weight skirt and a polished tee. If your office is more conservative then throw a blazer on (I realize I'm in a very unique situation with my design office being so relaxed). For me, adding lipstick and heels is the BEST way to dress up an outfit. It is quite literally "my go-to!"

How amazing are these bracelets? I know you guys have seen my wear them multiple times… I just can't get enough! I love the unique material, pattern, and fun tassels. Can't take em off!

Yes, my hair was curled when I started taking these photos and then it was so humid out that it fell totally flat… no amount of hairspray can combat DC humidity. Wah!

PS - HUGE sale happening at Nordstrom today - it's their yearly half-sale!!! YAYYY! I'll do a post tomorrow with all of my favorites and top picks! :)

Love Always,

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  1. That outfit is so great! I always seem to forget how hard it is to dress {all in one outfit} for the humid walk from the car to the office and for sitting in an air conditioned office all day!


    Carolina Clover


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