Monday, May 18, 2015

{daily face routine + vanity planet}

With the weather getting hotter (ugh and more humid) I thought I would give y'all an update on my daily face routine! My skin gets dry really easily, my nose always gets burned, and I find it harder to cover up any dark circles under my eyes. I've recently been trying out some new products to protect and rejuvenate my skin and they're going to be sticking around for the rest of my summer regimen :)

You can see in the picture that I've almost used all of them up. That's mainly because I like to fully test out products before I recommend them - practice makes perfect with your skin! It takes a good two weeks for me to see an effect happening or a change occurring. I wear all of this under my makeup so if it makes it not last as long or look clumpy then I instantly remove it from my routine. These are the products I've been using for my summer face!

I have always used a spin brush to clean my face and help get deep into my pores. I've found that it removes any excess makeup and really sloughs off the dead skin. When I got this new one I was really excited that it came with two extra brushes and that one was really gentle on my skin! After you've been at the beach or in the sun the last thing you want to do is put a brush to your sensitive skin but you still want to get all of the oil out of your pores (I tend to breakout easily after wearing sunscreen and sweating and rubbing my face all day). Since my nose gets burned that's the trickiest place. The two bristle brushes are great to choose between because one has a bit more "grit" and the other doesn't even feel like you're using a brush - it's that soothing! I use this every other day in the shower before work or after a good workout at night. Sometimes with a regular face wash and other times with a more exfoliating one. The third brush (currently attached) is really strong and made out of a soft silicone - it has a bit more pull so you should avoid the soft skin below your eyes. I use this brush only once a week because it is extremely effective (I use a gel face wash with it). I love really cleaning my face at night on Sundays and then lathering on a really good moisturizer while I lay around and do blog work :)

Now I have some really exciting news to share with y'all (because these style of brushes tend to be pricey and you NEED one in your life!!) You can get this spin brush for 70% off with code JRSPA! That makes this $150 product only $37.50!! That's a steal!!  Be sure to snag one while you can. You will see an amazing difference in your pore size and I've noticed my face feeling more even all over. I cannot recommend it enough!

My daily morning routine!

I have been using this eye primer under my concealer for a year now. It helps my makeup stay put and has helped firm up my under eye area. The under eye circle area is the first to begin sagging when you age so I take good care of my circles. Even though I'm 25 I don't think you can ever begin using anti-aging products too soon. You only have one skin for the rest of your life! Your eyes are the most important!

Korres Anti-Aging Primer (similar)
I received this sample in my Birchbox and instantly loved it after the first use. It locked in moisture and helped keep oil on my face under control - It helped my bronzer have more hold too because of the mattifying quality. My pores are smaller and skin tone on my forehead is more even.

I use the following 2 products immediately after I get out of the shower before applying any primers!

Another Birchbox sample! SPF has become soooo much more important to me in my daily routine. As I already mentioned you only get one skin and your eyes need to be taken care of. I normally wear sunglasses because my eyes are so sensitive to light but if I forget them then I know my under eye is still protected!

It does everything it says - Brightening and protecting. The perfect combo for an all over face lotion!

My Sunday night "pampering routine" after a good cleanse!

My eyelashes are my favorite feature to play up and the best thing I got from my momma! I try to be gentle when taking off my eye makeup but I still lose a couple lashes here and there. This serum gets swiped on the base of your lashes and helps thicken and lengthen them. I love to wear dark mascara when I go out at night and really play up my eyes but during the week it's a quick swipe of mascara and that's all I have time for. This serum makes them look great even without mascara!

I love putting this on my face right when I get into bed and my fan is on high - It acts like a cooling face mask. After a long day at work or traveling sometimes my skin just needs a little extra moisture. I also put it on my neck and chest. Two areas that you need to take extra care of as well!

One of the best pamper yourself things I've discovered. It's only $6!! There are a couple more types of eye masks and face masks Sephora sells… all to help brighten, energize, rejuvenate, invigorate, etc :)

Do you have a product you can't live without? Any favorite pamper products?

Love, Always

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