Thursday, September 8, 2016

{summer under the trees}

Photography by Lauren

NARS Lipstick in "Heat Wave"

Earlier last month I traveled to Charleston for a blog conference and boy was it hot and humid. I've found myself reaching for olive green time and time again this summer and my outfits for Charleston were no exception. I wanted a more casual look for the last day and I instantly fell in love with this white top and shorts combo. Super comfortable, breathable, while still being trendy. I'm excited to wear this top with high waisted jeans and a scarf when it gets a bit cooler out! One thing for certain is that olive green will be coming with me into the Fall season as well. I've got the PERFECT olive maxi coming soon ;)

Thanks for being patient with this little blog during the radio silence... I've attempted to write a "coffee date" post to explain myself but words get carried away and I begin writing a novel and I lose touch with my purpose for even sharing. I hope that I find the strength to accept my new found reality soon but for now I'm finding solace in the comfort of a routine - something that's taken me a couple weeks to figure out. Thank you for sticking around and coming back every day. I have looooots of new looks coming to the blog soon!

Love Always,


  1. You look beautiful, Jenn!! I'm in love with that little cute, classic, and practical!

    1. Thank you so much, honey! I love it too... I don't know why I'm so obsessed with mini bags haha they're perfect for a night out though!

  2. Love this Jennifer! Sometimes you just have to take time for yourself and we all understand!

    1. Thank you SO much, Gretchen! I probably need more time :) but that's what heals all wounds anyway, right? For now I'm just going to take care of myself by forcing myself to get dressed, out of bed, and writing my blog posts! hehe ;)

  3. Love the olive shorts! Have an awesome weekend, Jennifer :)

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