Tuesday, September 27, 2016

{draper james | vote y'all}

Photography by Laura

Election season is riiiiight around the corner and all of DC is buzzing. But then again, all of social media is too! I had so much fun shooting this look in Dupont the other weekend. I always carry a canvas tote to work (along with my purse) because it's the easiest way to carry my heels and lunch. Since I commute by walking and taking the bus I don't wear my heels until I'm at my desk. It just helps them stay a bit cleaner and have less wear and tear. This tote is perfect for the city because of the political atmosphere! A friendly reminder and a cool graphic? Sold!

I did a fun interview with the Draper James team featuring this tote - be sure to check out their blog to read about my work career and blog career :) it also has some tidbits about my style!

Now don't forget to register to vote!

Love Always,


  1. LOVE the tote and the message! It's so important to educate voters and get folks registered! Thanks for supporting such a valuable cause!

    McKenzie // SomethinSouthernBlog.com

  2. Looove it, Jenn! This dress is a dream on you and Laura killed it with these photos!!

  3. So darling! I love this whole outfit, and what a beautiful shoot! Reese can do no wrong.

  4. Love love love this whole look! This dress looks incredible on you!

    xo Bree

  5. You are seriously the cutest! I love this tote and congrats on an AMAZING collab!



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