Wednesday, February 4, 2015

{not just for the boys}

Tailored shirts - not just for the boys anymore.

photography by Emily Smalling

I absolutely adore wearing button downs, pop overs, etc. because they're so easy to put on and go. They always have great structure and make me feel neat and put together. However, I put on this outfit the other morning (with my new black booties… finally) and felt very… manly? I'm not really sure how I felt. Perhaps it was the pinstripes that reminded me of a shirt my dad always wears? I just didn't feel cute/edgy/stylish/all of the above. SO, in true Jenn fashion I reached for a necklace. If you've seen my necklace collection then you understand why this is my first go-to. I have an addiction, but, since I can admit it, it's okay. Right? First I reached for my tried and true tassel but that felt way too typical so I went for the biggest, chunkiest necklace I own and BOOM. STATEMENT. DONE. I was obsessed with how it completely transformed the boys-esque shirt into something different. I love the mix of masculine and feminine!
This is also my every day work bag! It was a gift two Christmases ago (thank you Linehans!!) and I swear I've carried it every day since. I always tote around my "momma Jenn" emergency pouch, planner, study materials, lipsticks, cold weather gear, sunglasses, reading glasses, wallet, aaaaand yikes I'm such a girl I swear I'm not Mary Poppins…!! It holds everything and I love how comfortable the strap is on my shoulder. It's almost like the leather has some "give" to it without feeling flimsy. It's also reversible :)

PS. Emily and I shot this look last Saturday and it was freeeeeezing! Seriously, it was the coldest day we got together to shoot… we only did this outfit outside haha look how bundled up Emily was! Of course, she looks adorable!! We both couldn't feel our fingers after five minutes.

Love Always,

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