Monday, February 9, 2015

{galentine's day}

Who's ready for Galentine's Day? I've got some fun ideas with one of my blogger besties,

photography by Emily Smalling

Valentine's Day is filled with love, pink, flowers, and even more love. My favorite thing about this mushy gushy day?? Sharing it with your GALS! You tell them you love them every day so why not celebrate that love! This holiday isn't just for couples anymore, y'all! I love any excuse to celebrate with my ladies so I always embrace this holiday for what it is actually about… LOVE. (Sorry, boyfriend, it's not all about you like you thought hehe).

I had a ton of fun incorporating lots of pink and purple into outfits but this one was my favorite because of how rocker-chic it turned out. A little badass love for toasting to your best friends! It's also completely opposite of my blogger bestie, Anna, of Live More Beautifully, so you can get double the outfit inspiration!

So if we were able to celebrate together (Hello, long distance friends… We always have Snapchat at least!) here are some ideas that would be on the agenda for a fun weekend:

1 // Galentine's Day Party - I'm talking lots of wine, cheese, chocolate, and charcuterie for the whole table. Make a big scene out of the event with massive wine glasses (perhaps a wineshake?), pink flowers, sequins everywhere, and lipstick galore. We all know I love a good lipstick ;)

2 // Spa Day - Not just for this day of love but why not go bigger and better this time around? Treat yourself to a spa pedicure and manicure. Perhaps you can even sip some bubbly while gossiping over the latest Us Weekly and People magazine.

3 // Movie Night - We allllll know what movie comes out on February 14… there's no way I'm seeing it with my guy so I'm linking arms with my roomies and we're donning every shade of grey we own! Pass the popcorn please! Extra butter… yum!

4 // Game Night - Okay so you may laugh at me for this but I love a good night of games staying in wearing fuzzy socks with your hair in a bun. My roomies and I have our fair share of games and it always provides a ton of laughs! My favorites are Cards Against Humanity, Taboo, and Scattergories!

Get ready for a fun week of LOVE inspiration on Southern Anchors this week!

Love Always,


  1. I'm loving your earrings and that bright pink!

    This Side of Paradise

    1. Is it obnoxious that I wear tassels all the time?? ;) don't answer that hehe!! Thanks so much for reading, Kate!!

      xoxo, Jennifer


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