Friday, February 20, 2015

{i really love my: striped shirt}

If you've been following my blog for a while now… or you just know me… you've probably noticed I wear stripes a lot. In particular I wear my white and black striped H&M shirt all. the. dang. time.

Stripes go with everything in my book. It takes a totally neutral outfit and makes it pop or it turns into a neutral with a fun pattern (read: plaid or leopard). I just love it!! Layering it under a poncho or a colorful sweater and having the stripes peek out at the sleeves or wrist is one of my favorite things to do. I think it would also be so much fun to wear under a shirt with an open back.

If you're getting tired of your winter wardrobe (cough cough every girl and me cough) then I suggest grabbing an easy cotton striped tee and spicing it up. I scoured the internet and found 9 striped shirts that I think are really similar to mine - versatile, cozy, affordable, cotton, and they are stocked in a lot of sizes right now! I particularly like the options with two different thicknesses of stripes!
*bonus points because stripes will transition into spring nicely*

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Love Always,


  1. I really LOVE this post!! We are more and more alike every day, ha! I love a good stripe shirt and own about 5 from H&M. They're seriously so versatile and I wear mine year round!!



    1. Forgot to tell ya... I went and got MORE basic stripes!! Oops!!

      xoxo, Jennifer

  2. I think I have that exact same shirt from H&M and I love it! So many ways to style it!
    This Side of Paradise

    1. I wish I had gotten three of them because I'm wearing it out!! Good thing I bought more a couple of weekends ago ;) but nothing is as great as this one!!

      xoxo, Jennifer


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