Wednesday, November 19, 2014

{preppy layers}

I can't believe that it's now so cold that I would need a jacket with this look. I thought I was bundling up by putting a sweater over my chambray!

photography by Emily Smalling

One of my favorite quote on quote "preppy" things to do is layer a cable knit sweater over a button down. It's the best way to add warmth and create some visual interest. I decided to keep this look pretty neutral but wish the polka dots on my pants had showed up better! That was supposed to be the fun part of my look haha ;) they're the cutest little velvet polka dots. I swear, the Gigi Pant from J.Crew Factory has the best fit… I now own the pants in black and navy as well as these dots. They fit like leggings but have pockets, a zipper, and belt loops!

Speaking of Gigi… I still carry this cross body everywhere. If you're looking for THE BEST gift to give someone I say Gigi New York should be your first stop. Amazing quality leather and you can get it monogrammed (bonus points)! I had previously posted my favorites… but they just added their new holiday collection and the Jenn Bucket Bag was made for me! {no, not really, but the designer spells her name with two n's like me!}

Topped the look off with a little camel color for hump day ;) see what I did there?

Love Always,

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