Thursday, November 20, 2014

{instagram lately | 11.20.14}

Some of my #ootd posts from Instagram over the past month
(I haven't given an insta update in a while! Sorry!)

Jacket // Shirt // Pants // Shoes (sold out in black - maroon) (similar)

Lips "No. 46 Soul Mate" // Sunnies // Scarf (similar) // Midi Ring // Silver Ring

Lips "Vivacious" // Necklace

Lips "Raisin Rage" // Shirt // Sweater // Pants // Heels

Lips "No. 46 Soul Mate" // Shirt // Skirt, old (love this and this) // Boots

Scarf // Shirt, old (good price and options here) // Skirt // Rainboots

Can you even believe that Thanksgiving is in a week?! I am sooooo ready to be home with my parents, little sister, brother, SIL, nephew, and all my fur babies!! It's going to be amazing to just decompress and get some good snuggling and reading in :) I will definitely be seeing The Hunger Games movie again. I'm going to see it tomorrow night with my roomies and CAN. NOT. FREAKING. WAIT
 (major fan is putting it lightly…)! Of course, I've already made multiple plans with all my best high school girls. I think we email every day about "break" just to help us get through this work week!

I have another recipe coming to the blog tomorrow so keep an eye out! Did you catch the first recipe I posted for my Cheese Fondue? Tomorrow's recipe is a little appetizer I made for an office potluck. I used to make it during snow days but this time I mixed it up to make it more Thanksgiving-esque. Bet y'all can't wait now… right?! Is the suspense killing you?! Any guesses?? hehe ;)

Almost to the weekend!

Love Always,

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