Thursday, October 23, 2014

{winter beauty favorites}

I absolutely love trying new beauty products. I compiled a list of some of my favorite products after testing out maaaaany different options (my list of dry shampoos is absurd). The best ones I've found are ones that protect my face, hair and skin while extending their "life". For example, products that will help my hair not frizz or keep my skin moisturized throughout the day. Winter is harsh... the wind dries my skin out and makes my hair brittle. Finding beauty products that work for your skin and hair type are one of the fun parts about being a girl in my book! I could easily be considered a "product junkie" but you've got to try lots of different things to know what works best for you, right?

Glam Glow: I cannot say enough good things about this product. I tell every single person they need it in their life. Sephora sells mini pots of it and it's a fabulous "just because" gift! I have not used a pore strip since the day I tried this; it gets rid of every damn blackhead! No joke! The mask is made up of many ingredients including charcoal, the secret weapon, and real chunks of soothing seaweed. You can actually watch the dark mask dry and see any grossness being pulled out of your pores (sorry to sound graphic, but it literally pulls the dirt out of your skin)!

Garnier Clean + Blackhead Scrub: For preventing blackheads in the first place, this is my go to face wash! The charcoal makes your face tingle slightly and it doesn't dry out your skin (my t-zone is oily but can dry out easily and the rest of my face is normal). I love the mini-exfoliating beads in this as well. I tend to use a face wash as a makeup remover too.

Garnier Gel-cream: This goes on nice and cool and then dries lightly without leaving any residue. Your face feels "dry" to the touch but feels like a million bucks. I love applying it before bed with my fan on high so that it feels like a cold face mask. If you have a really oily face and still need a moisturizer I would recommend picking this up from your local drugstore asap!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: THE best I've tried so far! My trick? I spray it on my roots at night when I know I'm not going to shower the next day. When I wake up I scrub my roots with my fingers and it's good to go! Since my hair is super fine a lot of dry shampoos weigh my hair down and leave a really rough texture. Batiste makes it still feel silky smooth with a nice shine (such a bonus)!

Organix Hair Mask: I use this instead of conditioner once a week... It smells amazing! I leave it on for three minutes (normally while I'm belting out T.Swift's latest hit oops) and then simply rinse it out. I can visibly see a difference in the shine and strength of my hair for a week after using it.

Shiseido: This was by far the BEST sample I've gotten in my Birchbox to date. I put it on every morning and night after washing my face before any lotion or makeup. It really brightens my skin and I can feel the magical powers working ;) okay so maybe I'm buying into the allure of pretty packaging and celebrities swearing by it but I've noticed my face looking more even and it also makes my forehead and cheeks feel really smooth. It's never too early to start using anything with anti-aging powers.

OGX Flat-Iron Spray: I kill my hair by blow drying it and straightening it every other day. I use a standard heat protector while my hair is still wet before I blow dry my hair on top of this OGX product. I love the keratin in this spray and feel a little bit better about putting a hot tool to my hair since I'm double protecting it. The best thing is that it really protects against the humidity... It keeps your hair frizz-free even at the end of a pull-your-hair out day!

What products do you guys swear by?
Any product you can't live without?

Love Always,

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