Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{tartan blanket}

Another blogger sharing her love for blanket scarves? Yep.

photography by Emily Smalling

You may remember this post about "THE essential" this fall: blanket scarves. I haven't stopped wearing this scarf and my multi colored plaid one (seen herehere and here)! It may not be an original Zara blanket scarf (holy online shopping craze… they sell out in minutes) but who needs a brand name when you can get the look for less for $13. They're so cozy to wrap up in and I adore the plaid patterns. I especially love throwing them over a boring outfit to spruce it up! Bonus points: they double as a blanket ;)

Can't wait for this cold front we have coming in… I'm tired of the humidity DC has had recently!

Love Always,


  1. Ms. looks gorgeous in these boots!

  2. Lady, your leather boots for horse riding are beautiful !!!


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