Friday, October 31, 2014

{happy halloween}

Happy Halloweenie, friends!!
I've been bad about posting this week (yikes)... I normally write all of my posts on Sunday or at the beginning of the week but this has been a hectic one :( My friends and I are renting an RV and heading to Blacksburg, VA to visit our alma mater, Virginia Tech, this weekend. We're going to go out celebrating tonight and then cheer on our Hokies against BC tomorrow! Yes, we are planning on sleeping in the RV as well. We've cooked lots of tailgate food and painted our costumes... Follow me on Instagram to see what we're being!!

But on to the good stuff ;) I'm a HUGE fan of Halloween and costumes. I love making things and coming up with something clever! So, I thought maybe I could help all you last minute folks pull together an outfit by showing you some of mine (or the ones I have in picture format at least. I used to do three costumes a weekend). I've included some couple's costumes, too. You college girls never know when you could need a last minute date party costume! This year's costume (E.T.) was the easiest and even got me first place in the office competition!


A bag of Jelly Belly's

Koala and a tree (oh Jonny...)

Circus Monkey


(fun fact: this was actually a giant t-shirt tied around us... my dad then wore this
the following year haha!)

Hershey Kiss
(aaaaand my dad wore the hat to the bar last year. I'm sensing a theme)

Hot Sauce

Beer Pong: Ping Pong Ball and a Solo Cup

Mario and Luigi

I hope this has brought you a good laugh or some inspiration for your costume!! What's everyone being? If you need any help or advice on making costumes just shoot me an email: That t-shirt dress trick is my go-to almost every year!

had to put in a picture of my Corgi, Kelty, as a bumble bee!

Love Always,


  1. Thank you so much for just calling it a Koala and not a Koala Bear!!! Halloween isn't big in Australia (yet) but it's my brother's birthday so we always have a party and celebrate. One day the masses will follow!! xx from your Australian follower!

    1. Haha you're so welcome, love!! I hope you had a great birthday party for your brother! Thank you tons for reading all the way in Australia! WOW!!
      xoxo, Jenn


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