Monday, October 6, 2014

{floppy hats}

The chill in the air has finally picked up. Time for floppy hats and leather jackets!

Photography by Emily Smalling

One of my favorite things to wear in the fall and winter are floppy hats. They're great for keeping the snow off of you in the winter without giving you horrible hat hair! I had a camel colored one last year but grabbed this black one during the Labor Day weekend sale. So happy I did! I purchased this vegan leather jacket when it was sweltering hot out… impulse buy that I knew I would gravitate towards to pull a look together. It looks great draped open but looks like a whole new jacket when it zips up! I loved how it wasn't all leather but instead in places like the top of the sleeves and down the back.

This weekend was one for the books. I attended THE most gorgeous wedding I've ever been to/seen. Everything was perfect! I had an amazing time not only because the band was grooving but because it was like a mini reunion with all of my Pi Kappa Alpha friends. The venue was stunning, the bride was flawless, the groom didn't stop smiling, the food was delicious, and I left with a happy and full heart. It actually pains me that this weekend is over!! I can't promise I won't be instagramming it for the rest of the week hehe
I hope everyone had a weekend as wonderful as mine! I'm definitely gonna be sans heels for the rest of the week. My feet need a break from all the dancing! Boy can those southern boys spin a girl and make your heart flutter ;)

Love Always,

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