Thursday, November 19, 2020

{gift guide: white elephant}

 I think this gift guide was the most requested... white elephants are the best way to exchange with coworkers and friends since you don't have to buy multiple presents. Just one and then you can swap, steal, switch, or whatever depending on how you play! I didn't include "gag gifts" on here because that's not my style ;) but these are unique gifts that are sure to work for any group setting!

psst... this board is shoppable! Just click the black plus sign on the item you want to shop!

PS Look for this symbol on all of my 2020 Gift Guides for even MORE ideas that would work perfectly for a White Elephant. Budget friendly - of course!

A couple of highlights on this gift guide:

La Croix Cross Stitch // This has become a quarantine hobby for tons of people so why not make it cheeky with everyone's favorite sparkling water!

Jenga with a Twist // I love games... I think it's the best way to bring people together at a party that don't know each other! I love that these blocks have things already written on them to take the game to another level.

BruMate Slim Can // If I could even find the words to describe how much I love this product... lol okay I'll try ;) I first discovered this company last summer and was instantly hooked. A koozie for my White Claw? Sold. I got Kyle two of these in matte navy blue last Christmas for us to use on boat days! We tested them out one day... opened the cans (in the BruMate) and left them sitting on the console of the boat in the scorching hot sun for two hours while we snorkeled. When we came back up and took that first sip... ice cold! I was absolutely blown away. Plus, this is very budget friendly! They have sooo many cute colors and tons of other products! Maybe I need to do a gift guide solely for the BruMate hehe.

Tripod - $24 // Okay so this isn't for everyone BUT if you have a teen in your life or even someone like me who uses a tripod to take their own pictures this is the BEST one I've found. It's super sturdy and can go up to 6' tall. I love it!

Cordless Wine Opener // Enough said. Makes life so easy! Maybe add a bottle of wine to the present to really up the gift!

Love Always,

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