Friday, November 27, 2020

{gift guide: cozy at home}

For your coziest of friends... the one who loves to have you over for movie night, the one who makes her living room or bedroom a spa with candles and mood lighting. For the lover of game night on the sofa with warm slippers. For the person who is thriving at home while working from home right now because everything they need is a couple of steps away.

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A couple of highlights on this gift guide:

Himalayan Salt Lamp ($15) // Now that daylight savings has happened the sun is setting so early (ugh). Combat seasonal depression with this soothing lamp that sets a wonderful warm vibe and is supposed to help with comforting feelings.

Clear Mug // When you make yourself a cappuccino at home, you want to see those gorgeous layers or see that milk swirl into your coffee. Microwave safe and dishwasher safe - game changer! I use this mug almost every day!

Fuzzy Slippers // Great cushion on the sole, keep your feet warm (but not sweating since the toes are open), and a strong sole on the bottom so you aren't sliding around. I've owned two pairs of these now - they are a game changer when you work from home all day!

Crackling Candle // Not only does this candle smell amazing but the crackling sound it makes is so soothing... it's like getting a fireplace noise without having to make a blazing fire haha.

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